Transgenic grass will relieve hay fever

Transgenic grass will relieve hay feverThe creators of transgenic grasses hope that their offspring will help to improve the treatment of modified plants. "The beauty of this herb will benefit the General public, and not only to the producer," says the developer Hermann Spangenberg of Plant Biotechnology Centre, La Trobe University, Melbourne. The Iberian and Italian tares are cultivated meadows and pastures around the world, accounting for 70% of all lawn grass seeds sold in the European Union. The same grass in Europe and Australia is a major cause of hay fever - allergic diseases. Therefore hypoallergenic variant of grass would be a great help to people around the world. Spangenberg and his colleagues have created several varieties of apples, from which the output of one or both major allergens is reduced by 50%. In November will begin field tests designed to find out how to quickly spread the pollen of these plants and how often she pollinating other, wild, grass. During these tests, the researchers hope to cross already received grades in order to receive a grade in which pollen allergens not operate fully. [NTR].

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