cancer cells can "recover""

cancer cells can Unexpected results have led a series of experiments involving the cloning of mammalian cells, held at the Massachusetts Institute of technology (USA). Scientists have discovered that cancer cells can not only multiply and spread through the body, but also... to turn back to healthy. Exploring the physiology of malignant cells, scientists have tried to create a new organism is introduced to the cell nucleus of the cancer in a healthy egg, and put the resulting embryo into the uterus of the mouse. Developed from it the fruit is quite normal - it was not a single deviation from the norm, indicating that the genome of the tumor cells contained any vital mutations or violations. "Apparently, the generally accepted view that cancer is a disease primarily genetic, not quite true," said Dr. Linda Chin, took part in the experiments. At least, in the course of our research we have registered several cases of development of cells with biochemical signs of zlokacestvennoe, viable organisms. Consequently, the development of cancer can pay...".

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