For toothache

For toothacheIn many homes there is always a sage, which is brewed and warm broth rinse the sore spot of the mouth, possibly longer trying to keep the juice on diseased area of the gums. Cooled down in the mouth fat need to change. To do this often: from 3 to 5 times within a half hour or quarter of an hour, after which the pain subsides. Get a slice of pork fat (skin, fresh or salt). If fat salty, the salt must be cleaned. This slice is placed on a sore spot, between the cheek and gum. Keep the slices in the mouth for fifteen or twenty minutes, until you subside the pain. During this time, the pain usually subsides, and the patient is permanently get rid of the pain. Put in my ear, from the other side of the cheeks, where it hurts the tooth, the root of plantain and hold it there until the pain disappears. After half an hour, an hour the pain goes away. To facilitate the eruption of teeth in a child people used this tool: on the neck of the child wore this thread yellow amber. It was believed that this greatly facilitates the eruption. From old Russian pharmaceutical means deserves attention following, now completely forgotten, but very good remedy for toothache. Take 15 grams of myrrh, diluted in 60 g of ethyl alcohol. Add 15 g Cochlearia L.), 15 g chopped raspberry leaf, 15 g of leaves salepa, 15 g of leaves of mint (MenthA spicata L.) and 30 g of good wine vinegar. All this is sealed in a glass bottle and put on three days to infuse. Then the infusion is filtered and her mouth rinse. If you want to make more infusions, the number of substances that make up the tool, respectively is increased two or three times. Keep a sick place a SIP of this tincture in hot form, and rinsing can warm infusion. In Siberia, in many villages, populated by zealots-Molokans, toothache treated in a rather strange way. First of all, the wrist from the inside RUB with garlic. Next, finely necrosis garlic, bind it to a pulse, very tight after bandaging his hand, that garlic is adjoined denser. When a toothache is felt on the right side, the garlic tied to the pulse of the left hand, and Vice versa. Note: before applying garlic should be close wrist cloth. - When podsobnom flux and, in General, tumors and abscesses in the gums healers Russian folk medicine often use the following tool: pour on the bottom of a small pan about one-quarter of an inch, preferably liquid lime honey. Take a very old and highly sariaslani nail. Having heated red-hot nail, put it in the honey. When the nail is formed thick black substance like tar. This black substance it is necessary to grease the gum, mainly at night, before going to sleep. Bubble gum usually soon erupts, the tumor quickly falls down, and the health of the patient is improved. The nail must be old and much serialnum. Rust in this case plays a very important role. When heated nail should not blow on it and touch the nail when it is heated to keep the rust on the nail..

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