Doctors have learned to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment

Doctors have learned to evaluate the effectiveness of treatmentAmerican scientists have found a way to monitor the effectiveness of the drugs used for the treatment of atherosclerosis. To do this they had to modify the current method of magnetic resonance therapy. Making some changes in the design of magnetic resonance imaging (adding to them a special power, which was introduced into the esophagus of the patient) and reconfiguring their software, researchers from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore was able to get a clear enough image of the blood vessels of patients on which it was possible to estimate the size of atherosclerotic plaques. Studying the dynamics of their changes, the doctors were able to evaluate the effectiveness of assigned patients antiatherosclerotic therapy and in some cases to adjust it to suit the individual characteristics of patients. "Until recently, the doctor, schedule antiatherosclerotic drugs, was forced to act at your own risk at its disposal virtually no methods to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment and, if necessary, modify it, said Dr. Joao Lima, lead author of the study. - Developed technique allows to solve the problem.".

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