Diseases and their origin from the point of view of astrology (abscess, adenoids, alcoholism)

Diseases and their origin from the point of view of astrology (abscess, adenoids, alcoholism)Diseases and their origin from the point of view of astrology (abscess, adenoids, alcoholism) An abscess is a limited cavity in any part of the body that contains pus. This condition may be caused by such organisms as Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, and others. The symptoms and the course is quite varied. Signs of superficially located abscess pain, aggravated by touch and pressure, swelling and tension of the fabric, redness, local, and sometimes the total temperature increase. In the deep and located in the internal organs abscesses local symptoms cannot be found. The diagnosis is based on the overall clinical picture of the disease, changes in the blood picture, fluoroscopy, radiography. Jupiter causes abscesses, when it is in an unfavorable position relative to harmful planets. It is believed that Mars, Neptune and Pluto are key in predicting the disease. Adenoids is hypertrophy of nasopharyngeal tonsil, usually occurring after previous infections, or hereditary, is more common in children from 3 to 10 years. There are constant nasal congestion and discharge from it, nasalized speech, always open mouth, often headache. Frequent acute inflammation of the nasopharynx, diminished hearing. Children fall behind academically, physically weakened. In this disease, the Mars is in Taurus or Scorpio or unfavorably located in these constellations with elevation angle of 24 degrees. Rarely it may occur when the Scales are under the adverse influence of Mars in the position quadrature or opposition. Alcoholism The definition of this disease, which would satisfy and physicians, astrologers, have not yet been developed. There are different opinions about what characteristics you can call a person an alcoholic. Earlier hesitation on this issue was not. If people sometimes get drunk, he was called a drunkard, and there were no distinctive features that made it worse or better. For our purposes we will restrict ourselves to the generally accepted opinion that the alcoholic is a person who occasionally gets drunk to such an extent that it is not capable of normal activity and is likely to get into an unpleasant incident. (Alcoholism is a mental illness caused by long-term poisoning of the body by alcohol and, as a consequence, toxic lesion of the brain and internal organs. It is characterized by dependence on alcohol consumption, the desire to facilitate repeat visits, loss of self-control, alcohol personality changes.) Most medical astrologers, the alien believed that this disease mainly of water signs: Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. However, later it was discovered that the sign is not the main determinant of predisposition to the development of alcoholism. Quite a significant impact often have angles of inclination of the Zodiac in degrees. This 9 and 25 degrees for Permanent signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) and 11 degrees for the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn). There is a theory that man is influenced by the planet, which according to traditional notions manages the day in which he was born. For example, born on Monday - lunar type, Tuesday - Mars and so on, Studies of the histories of alcoholics, selected at random from the hospital archives, showed that people like mercury, born on Wednesday, more likely to use alcohol than all the rest. Here, however, still requires further investigation. The Neptune in a negative phase, which is in the sixth house, predisposes projdennogo how to alcoholism and drug abuse. Saturn, performing the leading role and are in inferior position in the V house (especially in adverse phase of Neptune in Pisces), determines the tendency of a person to secret Hobbies. Mercury or Mars at a disadvantage in Cancer also indicate potential weakness, manifested in periods of emotional stress and the vicissitudes of fortune. If, at the time of the birth of one or both Lights are disadvantaged from any factors, it is a sign penchant for drinking. Source:.

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