Slender women change more often

Slender women change more oftenRecently there is another argument in favor of women who are not obsessed with the idea of the ideal weight is for men, ladies have a slender figure, often change them! Typically, these men are in constant search of the female partner is more attractive than one that is already there. According to a survey conducted by the website approximately seven out of ten faithful men would like to see a girlfriend cheerful, if not fat, then certainly not a pole. But most men, who admitted infidelity, have slender girlfriends or wives. Seven out of ten changes of men admitted that their choice to make under the influence of their friends, and rarely their relationship with a beautiful girl last more than three months. But eight out of ten men, independently choose their pleasant women claim that love in their lives "fantastic and free." As for the preferences of women, approximately one-third of fat women prefer slender partners.

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