Oh, how the teeth are aching!

Oh, how the teeth are aching!Oh, how the teeth are aching! Know what happiness is? Happiness is when you do not hurt the teeth. Would agree with everyone who has ever experienced a toothache. If you want your kid never went through this, think of it today. The formation of teeth, the child begins in the womb. In early pregnancy there is mineralization of the crowns of primary teeth, and from the seventh-eighth month deposited minerals involved in the formation of the first permanent teeth. Early toxicosis, especially accompanied by frequent and copious vomiting, together with that of the parent body are necessary salt, do milk teeth baby weak, susceptible to caries. Another reason for the development of dental diseases associated with artificial feeding. Although in modern breast-milk substitutes add all necessary, infants, breastfed, the more teeth strong and healthy. Apparently, this is due to the fact that the mineral substances contained in the composition of mother's milk more easily digested. The "bottle-baby" more likely to develop malocclusion, there are violations in the formation of the jaw. On teeth baby first year of life affects the General state of his health. Very dangerous indigestion and frequent diarrhea with them from the body of the baby inferred mineral salts, so the neck of the milk teeth poorly mineralized, as the enamel becomes soft. Studies show that dental diseases are spread mainly among children with food allergies. From the diet of a small Allergy have to exclude many products, including those that contain necessary for the formation of tooth mineral salts. Take care of your teeth while you are young The first preventive measure: correct the mother's diet during pregnancy. Dairy products, fresh vegetables and fruits, and multivitamin preparations containing minerals will prevent many troubles with your teeth. Not less important is the diet of the baby, especially the "iskusstvennikh": starting with 2-3 month you must give him juice and fruit puree, rich in minerals, and make sure that your baby receives enough vitamin D, necessary for proper absorption of calcium. With four months to slowly accustom your baby to eat with a spoon and drink from a Cup. By the end of the first year of feeding bottles and pacifiers have to cancel: they alter the bite, pressing down on the front teeth and pushing them forward. As soon as the baby teeth will appear immediately enter into his diet of solid food. Let eating carrots and apples, crispy croutons and fresh cucumbers. Please do not abuse sweet! Candy and cakes no good growing body will not bring, but gentle milk teeth will spoil. Better treat her baby ripe banana (you can give him the "heart" dry date or apricot). With two years to teach your baby to brush your teeth twice a day and after every meal to rinse your mouth. Regularly take him to the dentist. What brush is best? If previously it was thought that kids should brush their teeth with a dry natural bristle brush without paste, now doctors are of the opposite opinion. Dentists use brushes with natural bristles are not recommended, nor children, nor adults: under the action of water, the hairs begin to decompose and settle pathogens that can cause inflammation of the gums. So buy for children brush with soft synthetic bristles. As for toothpaste, those designed specifically for children and adolescents, absolutely harmless. If your baby and swallowing a small lump, nothing bad will happen. Only use high quality pastes known foreign and domestic firms: "Blendomat", "Oral-B", "Colgate", "Berry", "Cheburashka", "Orange", "Tick-tock", "Children". Rinsing the mouth for children up to 6 years to anything - they can easily swallow the tasty liquid. Parents need to check on the children brush their teeth. This can be done using a special chewable tablets, coloring plaque on the teeth red. By the way, for brushing dads and moms have to look and when the child will begin to turn into a teenager. In puberty may be bleeding gums, and Teens afraid once again to touch the teeth. Explain to him that brushing your teeth is still needed and that only regular oral hygiene (plus massage gums) will help him to cope with the bleeding and prevent much more serious things - caries and gingivitis. The doctor - he's good! Do not drive a child to an adult dentist, pediatric dentists will quickly find a common language with young patients. First time baby you can show the dentist still in the hospital - he will check the development of the jaws and the condition of the mucous membranes. The next visit to the dentist plan 4-5 months, when the first teeth appear. The doctor will assess the condition of the enamel, and see, do not shortened frenulum under the tongue. To year, usually appear when the upper and lower teeth, the baby again need to show the doctor, especially if the teeth matte and dull, covered with a coating. At this stage dental problems can still be resolved by adjusting the power. To further show the child to the dentist twice a year: in autumn and spring. If the child frequently and for long periods hurts, it makes sense to visit a doctor 4-5 times a year. The baby was not afraid of the dentist, introduce him to them, ask them to communicate, to conduct a tour of the office. A terrible tale of caries Baby teeth lurking a lot of trouble. One of them is circular cavities. It covers the neck of a milk tooth circumference and quickly destroys the crown. Deluded parents who believe that baby teeth should not be treated: if the decay will affect the pulp will suffer and the rudiment of a molar tooth.

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