Diet ballerinas

Diet ballerinasDiet ballerinas В·1 portion of food should be divided into 2 times, В·soups are independent of food are eaten and not in other foods, В·do not combine in one meal of fish and meat, because it is a heterogeneous protein, В·eat dairy products with low fat content, i.e., when choosing milk and products from it to give preference NORMALIZED dairy product, and, if possible, and such milk to dilute it with ice, В·remove from the food store mayonnaise and if you cannot live without it, cook it yourself without egg yolks and salt and add to the prepared sauce 1/3 low-fat yogurt, В·do not use salt when cooking, and try to replace it with spices and soy sauce, sprinkling it on the finished dish in the plate, В·drink at least 30 minutes before a meal and not earlier than 1 hour after В·and of course, 1.5 - 2 liters of still mineral water per day (this is when our temperate climate)..

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