Created human embryo-hermaphrodite

Created human embryo-hermaphroditeAmerican researchers created the sex of the embryo Chimera, the Associated Press reports. Scientists from the Chicago center for human reproduction (Centers for Human Reproduction) at an early stage of development has implemented several cells healthy male embryo in a female embryo with a genetic defect. As reported at the Congress of the European society of human reproduction and embryology (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology) study author Norbert Gleicher (Norbert Gleicher), the creation of the embryo chimeras most important for couples in whom the probability of having children with disorders single gene, and they wish to avoid. According to Glycera embedded in the female embryo cells of the male germ evenly distributed throughout the body during fetal development and supply of its normal products of that gene, a defect which is in the "main" genome. As introduced cells belong to the opposite sex, they have a different chromosomes and their presence in the body is easy to identify. The report Glycera was condemned by many delegates. "This is a big ethical issue," said Francoise Shenfield, group coordinator ethical and legal issues of the community. In addition, such a child may have a serious medical abnormalities. I can't imagine a situation where this technique can be applied. So there is no sense in continuing experiments". In addition, according to the Chairman of community Arna Candle (Arne Sunde), it is impossible to guarantee that the cells of the male sex to be distributed evenly, and will not form any other organ in whole or in part. "Then in one organism can exist kidney one person and, for example, the brain of another," said Sands. Besides, in his opinion, the high risk of serious defects..

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