Water treated with silver, is fraught with danger?

Water treated with silver, is fraught with danger?In the last time there was a lot of information about the miraculous properties of water treated with silver ions. Try to understand, what is it? Our ancestors used the easiest way to get "silver water" - keep it in a silver vessel or immersed in a container of silver coin, spoon or other silver items. In industry the process of obtaining drinking silver water" next - purified, partially desalted water from underground wells or ordinary tap water is passed through the equipment, where the saturation of water with silver ions. Because silver has antibacterial properties, this water is recommended to drink as a preventive measure for colds, for overall health. But only intermittently and for a short time! With the constant use of silver ions will be accumulated, creating a surplus of silver in the body, which will lead to serious metabolic disorder, depression, lethargy and other negative consequences. It's already confirmed a group of scientists from the California Institute of Medical problems of Man. As stated by one of the research participants, Dr. Paul Barner: "Because drinking water is intended for daily mass consumption, the presence of any man-made impurities, is a significant threat to human health. Even if it is, at first glance, "harmless" substance, such as silver. To warn people against uncontrolled consumption of drinking water treated with silver ions, doctors and scientists are going to appeal to manufacturers, state and public organizations. In addition, they consider it expedient to bring bottled "silver water" in the category of tools for therapeutic purposes. РњIGnews.

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