Epidemic fever Marburg in Angola came to a critical point

Epidemic fever Marburg in Angola came to a critical pointThe number of deaths from fever Marburg in Angola on 20 April was $ 244, and the total number of cases is reached 266, according to the world health organization (who). Still the main source of infection is the Northern province of Uige (Uige), where registered 253 cases of infection, of which 233 - lethal. However, for the first time, surveillance observed a decrease in the spread of the disease. If the usual number of new cases per week was 25-30, last week registered only 15 cases. The doctors are still cautious in their assessments and do not think that we can talk about the decline of the epidemic. Recall that the outbreak began in October 2004 in the province of Uige (Uige), but its nature has long remained unknown. March 23, who reported that the cause of the epidemic of a mysterious infection in Angola was the causative agent of fever Marburg. The virus was detected in 9 of 12 samples taken from dead patients. Despite explanatory work among the population, local residents are reluctant to cooperate with doctors and fear that they spread infection instead of fighting it. Misunderstanding and fear led to the attacks on the staff of the international missions. Mednovosti.ru.

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