NASA's the beginning of the study of the brain "rain man""

NASA's the beginning of the study of the brain Last week, the National aeronautic and space USA (NASA, NASA) began to study the unusual abilities of autistic Kim Peak (Kim Peek), which became the prototype of the hero of the film "rain Man". "Rain man" will perform computer and magnetic resonance tomography of the brain, comparing the results with those obtained by MRI in 1988. Using these data, scientists from NASA are going to make a three-dimensional image of the brain Kim's Peak. Thus, they hope to establish the nature of the autistic genius who shows outstanding ability once in 15 disciplines, including history, literature, mathematics, geography and music. He easily remembers the long series of numbers, dates, phone numbers. At the same time, the Peak is difficult given the most simple everyday actions, for example, it is hard to dress myself. CNN (Russian text

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