Chemical castration is a new method of treatment for rapists

Chemical castration is a new method of treatment for rapistsThe Norwegian authorities do not give rest to ideas from the novel "a Clockwork orange" by Anthony Burgess - fix criminals from inside, not outside. Now sex offenders of all stripes will be able to expose themselves to voluntary chemical castration with drugs that block the action of male hormone testosterone, which leads to a complete suppression of sexual desire. Four volunteers have already signed up for this "healing" process. Psychologist Jim Aage Nottestad said that the convicts first 6 months have passed group therapy, and are now ready to begin treatment. That is now the rapists in Norway have the choice to stop being men and quickly released, or after serving the required time, to return to their criminal inclinations. When a choice is always good, as long as it was for the benefit of society.

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