Loneliness kills like Smoking

Loneliness kills like SmokingLoneliness is as bad for a person, like Smoking, or even worse. The worst news researchers presented lonely women aged 30 years with a tail - a state of loneliness to a greater extent than cigarettes, wine and concerns about excess weight, reduces life expectancy. In the study, researchers observed the lifestyle 10 thousand adults in the UK for 10 years. It was found that loneliness equally negative impact on the longevity of both men and women, as well as Smoking. It is assumed that the negative effects of loneliness toll on a man when he reaches the age of 30 years. It is unclear why loneliness is so detrimental to health. But it is assumed that lonely people tend to lead less healthy lifestyles. They drink more, because more often with large groups of friends; they skip meals, such as Breakfast, and more work, because they don't have a partner, who would like to spend more time. And they have no "attorney", which could pour out his heart. Married couples, in contrast to single people, eat better and have a more comfortable environment at home. Children in the marriage are also under the influence of a stabilizing factor, while single people are more prone to risk. As noted by Professor Andrew Oswald, who led the study, "marriage keeps you afloat, and its impact is very large. Excess mortality among people who are not married, the same level of mortality from Smoking". In the study, the results of which will be discussed in the journal of Health Economics, was used database 10 thousand adults aged from 30 to 40 monitored for 10 years and have interviewed each year. In the study died of 600 people, and the researchers compared the mortality statistics among the married, single, divorced and widowed men and women to find out whether there are differences among various groups for over 8 years. It turned out that among men, never marrying or divorced in the beginning of the study, the probability of death over the next eight years is 10% higher. The risk of death among singles who lost spouses or divorced in the beginning of the study of women is higher by 4.8%. This compares with 5% extra risk of death faced by smokers. "If you married, then you have a partner who supports your self-esteem," says employee services "telephone hotline" Claire Rayner, who has lived with her husband for 47 years. Partner thinks you're just magical people, and worry about you when you're late home. If your self-esteem is high, you are showing more interest in themselves and care more about yourself. Do you have a sense of responsibility for yourself and your partner. If there are, and grow up children, you are responsible for them, especially if you're a woman.".

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