Traditional methods and herbs in the treatment of liver diseases and skin

Traditional methods and herbs in the treatment of liver diseases and skinTraditional methods and herbs in the treatment of liver diseases and skin Flow through the body of the vital juices, And liver hid their origins. Spare thanks to the liver. From her All organs depends Genesis. Remember, it is the Foundation of all foundations A healthy spirit of liver and body healthy. Ibn Sina Avicenna Now the doctors like to call the liver biochemical laboratory and explain how does it function on the work of other bodies. But no one exactly about it not said how wise Avicenna. Liver disease is diverse, they can be infectious, so treatment requires an accurate diagnosis of the doctor. The main symptom of liver disease is jaundice. Jaundice may not be infectious, and occurs when the blockage of the bile ducts in the process of movement of gallstones in the bile outflow, is called mechanical. Occurs after severe pain and when the temperature of the body. A person develops a weak skin itch. Complications of blockage of the biliary tract can be cirrhosis of the liver, bleeding, liver failure, ulcers gallbladder perforation, disabling the gallbladder, pancreatitis, internal fistulas. Prevention and treatment, first of all, pay attention to your diet and in some cases, the severity of the disease increases. The fact that different kinds of stress and, especially, food animal food and carbohydrates cause setting of cuttings inside the liver, which can be seen on skin diseases. Stress is hard to avoid, but to use a diet poor animal fats and carbohydrates, rich in vegetables and fruits is quite possible. Treatment should be complex. Folk remedies in many countries are recommended to treat infectious jaundice wormwood. Crushed herb is boiled in the soup and take inside. In Bulgaria infusion of the herb (tablespoon per Cup of water) to treat patients with viral hepatitis. In Russian folk medicine, infusion of the herb with mint leaves (1 tablespoon of the mixture per Cup of boiling water) drink 1 Cup in the morning and evening for the treatment of cholelithiasis. When jaundice prepare a tincture from 100 g of dried nettle leaves in 1 liter of wine "Cahors" after soaking for 3 weeks. Then the mixture cook on low heat for 15 minutes and take 1/4 Cup 3 times a day before meals. In patients with severe acute cholecystitis or severe exacerbation of chronic cholecystitis in the first day or two drink weak tea, mineral water without gas mixed with boiled water. Especially good to drink diluted with water, fruit juices, berries, teas hips. You should avoid fried, smoked, spicy food. It is desirable food to cook, bake in the oven or steamed. To clean the liver and gallbladder of toxins should improve the contractile function of the gallbladder and biliary ducts. In ancient times in 1X - X11 centuries Russian herbalists have used this method: half a Cup of olive oil and as much lemon juice without pulp drink at night. Repeat this procedure for months not less than 5 times and gallstones dissolve, but not in the gall bladder and ducts, and in the intestine and are excreted in feces. For the prevention and treatment of gallstone disease in folk medicine tincture and decoction of Acorus calamus rhizome. For infusion 2 teaspoons crushed Acorus calamus rhizome, pour a glass of boiled water and infuse for 6 hours. Drink 1 tablespoon 3 times a day. In folk medicine for the treatment of liver diseases using fruits, leaves, bark, roots and flowers of barberry. Infusions and decoctions of their possess diuretic, antipyretic, hemostatic and analgesic effect. Their use should not be long, because you may develop constipation and decrease blood pressure. For infusion tablespoon of crust infused for 4 hours in a glass of boiling water in the oven, drink 1/2 Cup 3 times a day for 2 months. For the prevention and treatment of stones in the liver and kidneys effective folk remedy is infusion and decoction of leaves of birch. A tablespoon of leaves pour a glass of boiling water and infuse for 20 minutes. Drink 1/4 Cup. 10 - 20 days, morning and evening for 30 minutes before eating. In folk medicine uses a wide range of plants for the treatment of cholelithiasis. To use folk remedies accessible to almost everyone. It is not necessary to say that in the autumn and early winter, you can collect as many red berries of mountain ash that it will be enough for every day eat 2 cups, complementing berries two dessert spoons of vegetable oil. It promotes the removal of stones from the liver. For gradual and painless dissolution of gallstones to drink beet juice for 3 weeks 1/2 Cup. Juice is better to drink after defending it for 12 hours. in the refrigerator. Similar action has a turnip if it is on demand. A strong decoction of the herb and roots of parsley drinking norms for cleansing the liver and gallbladder stones. When gall stones should be more likely to steam with a birch broom in the Russian bath.

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