Coffee slows down the reaction

Coffee slows down the reactionIn Italy, the country with one of the first places in the world for coffee consumption, the researchers decided to test whether caffeine exacerbates mental abilities. Experiment confirms this popular opinion, only partially. Coffee really makes the human brain work faster, but in cases when you need to quickly switch from one object to another, the brain is like a frozen computer. A volunteer group was divided in two; one half of the experiment, participants gave 200 milligrams of caffeine - the equivalent of two cups of coffee. Each subject read 10 words, and then answered 100 questions. When the answer had to use a large number of read words, people who consumed caffeine, answered faster than the second group of subjects. However, in cases when such words were not enough, they have experienced considerable confusion, while the second group had done faster. The Daily Telegraph (Russian text of RDA).

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