Plastic surgeons create the ideal of beauty

Plastic surgeons create the ideal of beautyThroughout the six months plastic surgeons will operate a resident of China, which wants to completely change their appearance. 24-year-old Hao Lulu, journalist and owner of a jewelry store, decided to change their eyes, nose, chin, chest, belly, buttocks, legs and skin. Hao Lulu hopes that doctors will make her a "real beauty", and then it will become a movie actress. Dr. Zhou Gan, who heads the group of surgeons, said that the new appearance of their patients can only be maintained for three to five years. Other doctors sharply criticized these operations, believing that this is just a publicity stunt hospital, which employs a team of Dr. Zhou. As reported by the correspondents, in recent years the Chinese become wealthier and more attention to their appearance, and therefore the popularity of cosmetic surgery in China is growing every day. According to correspondents, Chinese girls want to look more Western, and change the shape of their noses and eyes. Growing demand has generated a lot of clinics for cosmetic surgery, many of whom are not licensed. In search of the ideal Beijing clinic, which turned Hao Lulu, held several press conferences to promote this project, called "Cosmetic factory of dreams". Hao Lulu told reporters that beauty is not the most important thing in life, and that above all the person needs to appreciate noble character. Her young man, half American, fully supported the decision of his girlfriend to conduct these operations. Her parents but she said nothing. In an interview with Bi-bi-si Hao Lulu said that I did not expect such attention from the media, when he pondered the operation. "This is a personal decision. I just want to become more beautiful, " said Hao Lulu. Being a girl, I want to achieve the highest degree of beauty and perfection - not only inside but also outside. "I want other people to see how beautiful I am. This will be good not only for me but also others. With the development of society, more people will be able to take what I'm going to do," added Hao Lulu. And yet, when talking about the operation, she mentioned that she was "very much afraid of pain". "I started with surgery on the eyelid skin, got rid of bags under the eyes and changed the nose," said Hao Lulu in an interview with Bi-bi-si. All this was done in a single operation. And I was not sick". In other operations it will change the shape of the jaw, and then will work on chest, stomach, buttocks and legs. A healthy lifestyle Hao Lulu said that she is not bothered by the consequences of the operations in the long term, however, she is going to do them for as long as possible to preserve their new appearance. "For example, after surgery to remove fat I'm going to exercise again not to get fat. I will try to lead a very healthy lifestyle, to save all the changes made by the surgeons," said Hao Lulu. The entire project is funded by an unknown sponsor, and the clinic refused to tell journalists the cost of the project "Cosmetic factory of dreams".

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