In Russia to have abortions lonely and poor maternal Smoking

In Russia to have abortions lonely and poor maternal SmokingFinal approval was the initiative of the Russian government on the reduction of the list of social indications for abortion in the later stages. The RF government decree was signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov on 11 August, after which Minzdrav Russia cut list with 13 points to 4. Initially, the legislators were going to leave only three positions, but later decided to allow the ladies to have abortions at late (>12 weeks) the terms under one of four conditions. So now a woman in Russia has the right to bring their child if there is a court decision on deprivation or restriction of parental rights, if the pregnancy was caused by rape, if the husband of the mother of the child is disabled, I-II group, or was the fact of his death during his wife's pregnancy. Also, make a complicated surgery to remove the fetus in case the woman is in prison. Previously among the social reasons for late abortion were factors such as the unemployment status or refugee at least one of the spouses, lack of housing (including residential accommodation, private accommodation), large families (when the number of children per family is 3 or more), the presence of a child with a disability and low financial security of the family (when income per 1 household member less than the subsistence minimum established for this region). Now all these pretty difficult life situations are no longer considered sufficient reasons to a woman can terminate a pregnancy. Commenting on the situation, the Deputy Minister of health of the Russian Federation Olga Sharapova noted that "pre-existing list of social indications for abortion (approved by RF government decree in 1996) was forced and temporary measure aimed at preventing criminal and unsafe abortions, which was due to the difficult socio-economic situation in the country.".

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