Banks medical

Banks medicalCupping - glass vessels specific kolloidnoi shape with thickened edges, displacement 3G<60 ml Formulation cans cause skin flushing, creating a reduced pressure. What is the mechanism of therapeutic action of cans on the patient's body? The therapeutic effect of the procedure is based on the reflex effects on the subject's internal organs and tissues, which promotes the resorption of inflammatory foci. In addition, banks have some analgesic properties. They can be put on the entire surface of the thorax, except for the heart, as well as on the lumbar region. How is the preparation for the procedure of setting cans? Before production of the cans need to make sure they have no cracks. Banks should be clean and dry. For the procedure required alcohol (or ether), wool, vaseline, a metal rod (a piece of thick wire with a length of about 15 cm, probe, etc), matches. How directly is the procedure? The patient should be put on a bed or couch. The place of registration cans smeared with vaseline. A metal rod tightly wound piece of cotton wool soaked with alcohol (ether), shake on the floor excess liquid and set fire to the cotton swab. The left hand take to the Bank for a short time (1 second) injected into the Bank burning tampon, remove it, immediately put the jar to the body. In this way the skin is drawn into the Bank. Usually from 8 to 20 cans for 15-20 minutes. To remove the Bank, her one hand slightly deviate to the side, and with the other hand press the skin at the opposite edge of the banks. After removal of the cans under them, if the correct procedure, remains a dark spot bruise. With the skin removed the remains of vaseline, patient heat covered for 20-30 minutes. What are the features performances of cans in children? In children, the banks used with 1.5-2 years. There are special banks small sizes for children. The duration of the procedure in children 5-10 minutes..

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