Diet slim for life

Diet slim for lifeDiet slim for life In fact, the program harmony for life, borrowed from the United States, in and of itself is not a diet to lose weight, and just food system in which everyone can at the same time and losing their until the excess pounds. Before lunch consumed only fruit, then salads or soup and only in the evening - meat, fish and vegetables. In this diet, any person lose weight. And even without very great harm to health. But, unfortunately, the program contains risky practices: for example, milk and dairy products are considered harmful because they allegedly glued the intestinal wall. This is wrong! People need milk, yogurt and cheese, because they contain calcium strengthens bones and teeth. In addition, none of the experts on nutrition does not understand why with such a program it is recommended that distilled water, i.e., not containing minerals. And according to another rule harmony for life, carbohydrates and proteins should be separated at separate meals, what makes this program alien to the norms of life and impractical..

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