WhirlpoolWhirlpool The jets in combination with different trays will do wonders. Not only will improve circulation, reduce pain and fatigue, but will also strengthen the muscles. Massage movements do fingers along the sole to the heel. Useful tips: Ease pain, improve blood circulation in the feet daily with warm (36 - 37 degrees) foot bath with salt, baking soda or soap suds. Duration 10 - 15 minutes. Quickly relieve stress will help contrast baths: 5 minutes in hot water and 10 seconds in the cold. When feet are aching from fatigue, help out the tray from the infusion of a mixture of peppermint, hemp, and elderberry. When grated, inflamed skin legs nice cool bath with a decoction of pine needles or chamomile. Good daily (at night) soda baths (30 g of sodium in 10 l of water). If the skin orahovica, namasivaya through the day wet heel soap and water and leave for 5 - 10 minutes. Then RUB the skin with pumice and rinse. Then spread the heel fat cream for the feet. Soften the skin and soothe itchy skin bath with starch, brewer's yeast. They are put at the rate of 30 - 40 g per 10 l of warm water (36 - 38 degrees); duration - 30 - 40 minutes. When sweating feet do at night daily bath of decoction of oak bark (50 - 100 g at 3 to 5 l of water) or infusion of sage and nettle (50 - 100 g of the mixture for 3 to 5 l of water). Carefully take their feet. They (literally) carry the burden of our existence. Sometimes in the evening hear the metro: "I have no legs to keep:" There is a way to help this trouble. At home, with her feet in the warm water massage. Warm water comes relaxation of tissue. It minimizes muscle tension with a massage and increases its efficiency. This massage promotes rapid resorption of hemorrhages and edema fluid in the feet, speeds up the recovery of motor function. Besides all this, considerably improves the General condition. Note: there are contraindications to the use of hydro-massage. It's all acute processes on the skin: acute or progressive stage of disease, infectious diseases, fungal infections, and varicose veins. In these cases, massage - only with a doctor's permission..

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