Prostitutes will be treated free of charge

Prostitutes will be treated free of chargeProstitutes will be treated free of charge In Tallinn centre opened, which will provide free diagnosis and treatment for prostitutes. Lasnamae health center capital began their service on Monday. On purpose free health check-up "prostitutes" the city administration has allocated 290 thousand kroons, i.e. about 20 thousand dollars. It is reported that prostitutes will take two experts. It is planned that they will be coming for a health check in specially provided for this watch, and not in the order normal patients. Generally in this institution at the moment, turn to a specialist in skin and venereal diseases is about a month. Medical examination and laboratory tests for HIV infection and sexually transmitted diseases and their treatment will be free. In case of detection of other diseases, to treat them will be already for the money. Source: RIA "Novosti"".

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