Erotic food

Erotic foodErotic food With the help of a competent, healthy and balanced diet can do wonders. So, already thousands of years ago it was known that nutrition can have a magical effect on male potency. With the help of various culinary tricks men not only awakened irresistible sexual desire, but also contributed to its implementation. No wonder it is considered that the power to affect sexual ability of a man is much more than education or the environment. If health is all right, and sexual function will be OK. But if food resources are insufficient, the body, driven by the instinct of self-preservation, primarily disables sexual function. Different people have used to increase potency is very varied. Homeland erotic cuisine is considered celestial Empire. If you believe the historical narratives, Chinese cooks were able to return potency even a decrepit old man who has forgotten about the joys of love ten years ago. Our ancestors, the Slavs absorbed unimaginable amount of celery and onion, and honey and eggs. The ancient Egyptians to increase potency ate garlic, and only recently scientists have found out that garlic increases blood flow, which helps to increase male power. In General, increased sexuality was often attributed to vegetable food. The Germans, for instance, believed in the miraculous power of rye bread, seeds and nettle. The Aztecs loved to eat mint infusion with cocoa. It is now known that cocoa really can favorably affect sexual activity, because it has caffeine and theobromine. Another proven remedy for love failures were considered seafood. For example, fans of giant mussels were Japanese. The same view is taken and Napoleon, but he preferred oysters. They contain valuable mineral zinc, which improves the quality of sperm; however, according to scientists, temperament much of an impact he has not. The French king Henry IV preferred night to drink 50 grams of cognac with egg yolk. And if this cocktail is to add a teaspoon of honey, so still and cold can be cured. Fans of extreme food will suit Korean recipe. You need personally - it is very important to catch the poisonous snake, what you can find, take off the skin, chop the meat and a good cook. Everyone knows that vitamins are a necessary component of any diet. But, it turns out that vitamins play a vital role in providing sexual functions. Thus, vitamin a promotes the formation in the ejaculate a large amount of semen and is a necessary ingredient for the synthesis of sex hormones in both men and women. That is why sexologists claim that a daily dose of vitamin a needed to improve sexual function, in the light of which recommend to my patients suffering from impotence or frigidity, eat two to three eggs a day. The vitamin b complex has a major impact on the synthesis of the male hormone testosterone. In addition, the b vitamins contribute to the maturation of sperm, as well as participate in the processes of puberty. In the case of loose sexual reactions, it is recommended each day to take a combination of 100 milligrams of vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), 300 milligrams of vitamin B3 (Niacin) and 500 milligrams of Pantothenic acid. Vitamin E is sometimes called the "vitamin of sex". Acting on the anterior pituitary gland, vitamin E has a direct impact on the work of the genital organs. Excessive activity of the pituitary gland in men, caused by a lack of vitamin E leads to an unusually large genitals. And the complete lack of vitamin E in the men's diet can lead to irreversible degeneration of epithelial or germ cells of the testes. In addition, in complex with thyroid hormones vitamin E exerts a certain influence on sexual needs. Recall that vitamin E can be detected primarily in products made from unrefined flour, for example, bread, bran, fresh cereals, nuts, soybeans and wheat. Vitamin C has a huge impact on sexual pleasure. It is observed that taking large doses of this vitamin has begun to experience an increased desire for sexual intimacy could enjoy it more often and experience significantly more intense orgasms. The lack of vitamin C in the food accepted the sex glands begin to extract it from other tissues, thereby reducing their ability to resist diseases. If the body's tissues do not contain sufficient amounts of vitamin C, the sex glands reduce their activity to a minimum, and even cease to function. Consequently, libido decreases or even disappears completely. We should not forget about the trace elements. Thus, products containing phosphorus, necessary to increase sexual stamina. Phosphorus is not only one of the most common minerals found in the human body, but also the first, which was recognized as having a direct impact on sexual function. Products containing phosphorus such as lobster, crab and truffle, - have a significant impact on sexual activity. Enrolling in the body, phosphorus combines with nitrogen, fatty acids and glycerol, forming a variety of phospholipids, the most common of which is lecithin, promote secretion of sexual hormones. It is believed that the male body needs lecithin for the normal synthesis of seminal fluid. Zinc is necessary for the human organism for the synthesis of dihydroxytestosterone (DHT)- the active ingredient testosterone. The body of a young man of average weight usually contains 2.2 grams of zinc, and most of it is contained in the testes. Normal amount of zinc in the body is necessary to maintain sexual activity.

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