In Sweden, the hacker sent on sick leave and vacation deputies of the Parliament

In Sweden, the hacker sent on sick leave and vacation  deputies of the ParliamentIn Sweden, the hacker sent on sick leave and vacation 70 deputies of the Parliament More than 70 deputies of the Swedish Parliament a few days before the election, which will be held in the country on 15 September, was the object of cruel joke unknown, "sent" politicians on sick leave, on vacation, or emigration. According to the version of the security Department of state Department of social insurance in Sweden, someone entered in the personal data of the parliamentarians, incorporated in the computer, and then called on their behalf in telephone service social service or simply using the Internet. In the September 12, about 70 members from the social democratic party, one member of the green party and several members Left the party allegedly "applied" in the midst of the election campaign on sick leave, leave to care for a child, divorce or even about the change of residence. Among the unfortunate victims of pranksters - Minister of defense björn von Sydow and the Minister for integration Mona saline. Security public administration and social insurance such action is called "something new" and explain that since 1997 with such've seen only twice, RIA "Novosti". Lars Hernquist, Secretary of the Social democratic party of Sweden, commenting on the incident calls him not only as sabotage against the party. The perpetrators of the incident have not yet been found. Source:

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