Pre-hospital resuscitation

Pre-hospital resuscitationWhat is rescue? The intensive care unit (recovery) is a system of measures aimed at restoring the functioning of the body and its excretion from the terminal States. These activities provide the first effective breathing and circulation. To the terminal States are predalone, agony and death (see "Terminal condition" in section "General nursing. Basic diagnostic and treatment procedures"). What is the role of paramedical workers in carrying out resuscitation? The role of nurses in the performance of all resuscitation is extremely high. Paramedic and a nurse is often the first to note a sharp deterioration of the patient, the onset of predalone, agony and clinical death. They were the first to undertake resuscitation. From their knowledge, skills and clarity in the organization of work often depends on the outcome of resuscitation. It is therefore important knowledge of intensive care for nurses of any profile. What is clinical death? Clinical death is called a short period of time, occurring after the termination effective circulation and respiration, but before the development of irreversible necrotic (necrobiotic changes in the cells of the Central nervous system and other organs. During this period, while maintaining a sufficient circulation and respiration fundamentally achievable restore the life of the organism. What are the signs of clinical death? The signs of clinical death are: a complete lack of consciousness and reflexes (including cornea); sharp cyanosis of the skin and visible mucous membranes (or for certain types of death, such as bleeding and hemorrhagic shock, pale skin); a significant dilatation of the pupil; the lack of effective heart rate and respiration. Cessation of cardiac activity is diagnosed by the absence of pulsation in the carotid arteries and through listen to heart tones. The lack of effective breathing is diagnosed simply: if for 10-15 seconds observation cannot determine explicit and coordinated breathing movements, spontaneous breathing should be considered missing. What factors affect the duration of clinical death? The duration of a condition of clinical death varies between 4-6 minutes. It depends on the nature of the underlying disease that led to clinical death, duration of previous pre - and atonal periods, because in these stages of terminal States are developing necrobiotic changes at the level of cells and tissues. Long prior serious condition with gross violations of blood circulation and especially microcirculation, tissue metabolism usually reduces the duration of clinical death to 1-2 minutes. That applies to basic resuscitation measures? Basic resuscitation measures are cardiac massage, artificial lung ventilation, electrical defibrillation and electrical stimulation of the heart and other What General characteristics and requirements for the performance of closed cardiac massage and artificial ventilation of the lungs? Major in pre-medical intensive care, especially in cases of holding her in the outpatient setting, are closed cardiac massage and artificial ventilation of the lungs. Both activities are carried out immediately and at the same time the costs of the patient or the victim of the absence of respiration, cardiac activity and no signs of biological death. The comprehensive resuscitation care to the patient normally requires the simultaneous participation of 2-3 people who know the basics and be skilled in resuscitation events. World practice teaches that the correctness of the initial techniques often depend on the outcome of resuscitation and the fate of the victim. Therefore, although many resuscitation require medical involvement and control, the need for immediate decision-making and rendering the emergency care in any environment requires mastering all average medical workers the basics of resuscitation care..

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