Scientists have discovered a protein that will help to live up to years

Scientists have discovered a protein that will help to live up to  yearsAmerican scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a result of years of experiments have managed to discover a protein that is able to significantly increase life expectancy. Scientists for many decades it was known that moderate fasting can extend the life of mammals, including man, by 50% or more. When this elderly mammals, moderately exposed throughout life, less likely to get sick peculiar to old age ailments, diabetes and cancer, according to biologists at mit in an article published on the website of the Institute. Now scientists have reliable data explaining this phenomenon. How did you find the biologists, the starvation, as in some other crisis situations, the mammalian organism begins to produce a particular protein. He reveals the potential of the organism and, in particular, creates the conditions for the extension of the human lifespan to 120 years or more. "For the first time as a result of the research we can in a first approximation, to answer the question, as a reduction of the caloric content of food consumed affects human health at the molecular level. This can significantly improve people's health," said Professor of biology Leonard Guarente that a few decades studied the aging process in mice, ring worms and yeast bacteria. In studies of American biologists in mice was identified special gene responsible for the synthesis of protein life." Researchers believe that a similar mechanism operates in the human body. They claim that may soon be created a unique medicine that will help to trick the human body and force him to starve. While this drug is not created, scientists often recommend to create the body of a crisis - for example, seldom have.

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