Tick-borne encephalitis

Tick-borne encephalitisThe TICK-borne ENCEPHALITIS - an acute viral disease characterized by lesions of the gray matter of the brain and spinal cord. Reservoir and source of infection are wild animals (mainly rodents) and Ixodes ticks. May be infected not only by the suction of the tick, but also by the consumption of milk of infected goats. Etiology, pathogenesis. The pathogen belongs to arboviruses. Gate infection-skin (tick sucked) or mucous membrane of the digestive tract (alimentary infection). Читать полностью -->

Hip dislocation congenital

Hip dislocation congenitalHow is treatment and care for a sick child? Early diagnosed congenital hip dislocation successfully heal a conservative method, in particular using waste tyres, and therefore in the care of such patients, the emphasis put on the skillful handling of the bus. While bathing the baby bus is removed, and after a swim wear again. Time of use of the bus is determined by the doctor (usually up to 6 months).. . . . Читать полностью -->

NASA's the beginning of the study of the brain "rain man""

NASA's the beginning of the study of the brain Last week, the National aeronautic and space USA (NASA, NASA) began to study the unusual abilities of autistic Kim Peak (Kim Peek), which became the prototype of the hero of the film "rain Man". "Rain man" will perform computer and magnetic resonance tomography of the brain, comparing the results with those obtained by MRI in 1988. Using these data, scientists from NASA are going to make a three-dimensional image of the brain Kim's Peak. Thus, they hope to establish the nature of the autistic genius who shows outstanding ability once in 15 disciplines, including history, literature, mathematics, geography and music. He easily remembers the long series of numbers, dates, phone numbers. At the same time, the Peak is difficult given the most simple everyday actions, for example, it is hard to dress myself. Читать полностью -->

Scientists involved in cloning, accuse each other of forgery

Scientists involved in cloning, accuse each other of forgeryThe world of the science of stem cells was plunged into chaos. Former colleagues in the South Korean team, which was once called superstars cloning, a sword in each other's accusations, and scientists are questioning the truth of the greater part of their work - and think about how big will be the damage caused this scandal already controversial area of science. on 16 December The Juice Hwang of Seoul national University announced that it wants to withdraw the report, published in may in the journal Science, which reported a fundamental step in the direction of "therapeutic cloning" is used for the treatment of tissue grown from clones patients ' own cells. This report has been subjected to a barrage of criticism due to inaccuracies in the data, based on which Hwang claimed that created 11 lines of embryonic stem cells, cloned from different people. Then came the question about 5 other reports, including not only the work of Hwang and study his colleagues from the hospital Mizmedi in Seoul. "It's very sad for Korean studies," says Arnold Kriegstein, biologist dealing with stem cells at the University of California, San Francisco. Читать полностью -->

Epidemic fever Marburg in Angola came to a critical point

Epidemic fever Marburg in Angola came to a critical pointThe number of deaths from fever Marburg in Angola on 20 April was $ 244, and the total number of cases is reached 266, according to the world health organization (who). Still the main source of infection is the Northern province of Uige (Uige), where registered 253 cases of infection, of which 233 - lethal. However, for the first time, surveillance observed a decrease in the spread of the disease. If the usual number of new cases per week was 25-30, last week registered only 15 cases. The doctors are still cautious in their assessments and do not think that we can talk about the decline of the epidemic. Recall that the outbreak began in October 2004 in the province of Uige (Uige), but its nature has long remained unknown. Читать полностью -->

Netherlands want money back for hostage from "Doctors without borders""

Netherlands want money back for hostage from The Dutch government has sued the Swiss branch of the international humanitarian organization mГ©decins sans frontiГЁres (MSF), demanding to return million euros. This amount was provided by MSF to pay ransom for captured August 12, 2002 in Makhachkala, the head of the mission in the North Caucasus Ariana of Erkel after his 20-month stay in captivity. Minister of foreign Affairs of the Netherlands said that since the money was issued in the form of loans with mandatory return, but the Director of the Swiss branch of MSF Christian Capte categorically disagree, emphasizing that any loan it never was. "It's not about the money," said Capte. "We have mobilized 15 people in search of Ariana and spent a lot more money than was paid as ransom. Invalid in this case is the fact that a democratic government pursued the policy never to negotiate with terrorists and not to pay the ransom, begins to pursue non-governmental organization, in order to save its face," he continued. Читать полностью -->

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