Of vaccine against tick-borne encephalitis - excellent quality for years

Of vaccine against tick-borne encephalitis - excellent quality for  yearsOf vaccine against tick-borne encephalitis - excellent quality for 20 years From 1983 to now released millions of doses of concentrated inactivated vaccines encephalitis adult contingent of the Institute of poliomyelitis and viral encephalitides of medical Sciences of the USSR without any complaints. So the vaccine could be used to immunize children against tick-borne encephalitis, Institute of poliomyelitis and viral encephalitis was carried out further work to reduce ballast protein load, causing adverse reactions. For these purposes has been applied Protamine sulfate, which allowed us to obtain a product containing more than half of foreign proteins (not more than 30 Ојg/ dose) compared with the original vaccine (65 Ојg/dose). In the late 90-ies of this modification of the vaccine successfully passed the State-controlled trials in children and contingent sue the Institution has received permission for its release. A new version of the tick-borne encephalitis vaccine - cultural purified concentrated inactivated dry - for children from 4 years of age and adults. This modification of the vaccine according to the criterion of concentration of ballast proteins with the stored level of immunogenicity and is currently unique in the world. Читать полностью -->

The Urals are treated falsified medicines

The Urals are treated falsified medicinesThe Urals are treated falsified medicines The Urals are treated falsified medicines. Proof v test 40 thousand series of drugs sold in the Sverdlovsk region, which has carried out the certification authority and control over the quality of medicines. 10 thousand series were subjected to complete chemical analysis. The result is rejected and prevented the implementation of inadequate quality requirements more than 400 episodes of medicines. In addition, the Center tests were conducted already certified drugs imported from other areas of the Russian Federation. For 10 months of 2002 tested more than 130 thousand batches of medicines imported in the Sverdlovsk region. Читать полностью -->

New theory for the origin of SARS

New theory for the origin of SARSThree of astrobiologists from the UK and India suggested that the SARS virus came from space. They published an article in the British medical weekly "Lancet". In this article, scientists refer to the experiment, carried out in January 2001, when a special apparatus has collected in the stratosphere at an altitude of 41 thousand meters, a huge amount of living microorganisms. Scientists say that the Earth every day "fall" literally tons of bio-material. It is not excluded that some bacteria are able to survive. In a strange environment, they mutate, becoming dangerous for human viruses. Читать полностью -->

In the US, smokers and alcoholics want to refuse medical care

In the US, smokers and alcoholics want to refuse medical careA recent study in America showed that the majority of people support the strict policy of the state towards unhealthy lifestyles. Interviewing more than two thousand people, sociologists found that 34% of respondents believe that people who drink, smoke or eat a lot, deserve even more reprehensible. In addition, the "cruel" the Americans believe that those who deliberately harm their health, it should be fine, but some believe that they should be denied medical care. More than 47% of respondents believe that the government should increase the tax on the sale of cigarettes and alcohol. Dr. Edward valence-Owen, who led the research team, said that he was very surprised such an uncompromising attitude to people, causing harm to themselves. Читать полностью -->

The kid on the beach

The kid on the beachThe kid on the beach How to put toddler to the beach? Of course, no good pediatrician will not advise your child to tan, especially if he was not yet 2 years old. But sometimes the circumstances are such that you have to take your favorite child with you to the beach. And the first thing you need to think in this case, this kid clothing. It must be cotton, it is easy to pass air and constrain movements. Only in such a nice body, loose and breathable clothing baby will be comfortable on a hot Sunny day, when the parents decided to soak up the sun. What more can a kid on the beach? Panama fields Yes wider. Читать полностью -->

"operated" nipple increases the appeal

California has taken a new fashion. In 2002 alone, hundreds of men and women have resorted to plastic surgery to enlarge their nipples and lock them in the excited state. According to fashionistas and fashionistas, this nipple increases the appeal. The record for the number of surgeries has become a prominent specialist Bruce Nadler daily giver of happiness at least three californicum and two Californians. This influx has allowed grasping the doctor to buy a luxury Villa near Malibu beach. "When conducting operations I use two technologies, said at the meeting with journalists Bruce. Читать полностью -->

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