Water treated with silver, is fraught with danger?

Water treated with silver, is fraught with danger?In the last time there was a lot of information about the miraculous properties of water treated with silver ions. Try to understand, what is it? Our ancestors used the easiest way to get "silver water" - keep it in a silver vessel or immersed in a container of silver coin, spoon or other silver items. In industry the process of obtaining drinking silver water" next - purified, partially desalted water from underground wells or ordinary tap water is passed through the equipment, where the saturation of water with silver ions. Because silver has antibacterial properties, this water is recommended to drink as a preventive measure for colds, for overall health. But only intermittently and for a short time! With the constant use of silver ions will be accumulated, creating a surplus of silver in the body, which will lead to serious metabolic disorder, depression, lethargy and other negative consequences. It's already confirmed a group of scientists from the California Institute of Medical problems of Man. Читать полностью -->

Dermatological center MD Oliver Leopard

Dermatological center MD Oliver LeopardDermatological center M.D. Oliver Leopard Dermatology center, Dr. med. Oliver Leopard is in the heart of Baden-Baden. It offers a wide range of treatment of dermatological diseases. The clinic is located near the famous thermal Friedrichsbad. Читать полностью -->

Created human embryo-hermaphrodite

Created human embryo-hermaphroditeAmerican researchers created the sex of the embryo Chimera, the Associated Press reports. Scientists from the Chicago center for human reproduction (Centers for Human Reproduction) at an early stage of development has implemented several cells healthy male embryo in a female embryo with a genetic defect. As reported at the Congress of the European society of human reproduction and embryology (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology) study author Norbert Gleicher (Norbert Gleicher), the creation of the embryo chimeras most important for couples in whom the probability of having children with disorders single gene, and they wish to avoid. According to Glycera embedded in the female embryo cells of the male germ evenly distributed throughout the body during fetal development and supply of its normal products of that gene, a defect which is in the "main" genome. As introduced cells belong to the opposite sex, they have a different chromosomes and their presence in the body is easy to identify. The report Glycera was condemned by many delegates. Читать полностью -->

Wild cats pay for SARS

Wild cats pay for SARSA new case of the disease SARS: in the Philippines with symptoms of SARS hospitalized 42-Letna woman, a few days ago returned from a trip to Hong Kong. And in China, the authorities decided to destroy 10 of thousands of viverrids - wild animals that cause lethal disease in humans. 42-year-old resident of the Philippines, who returned two weeks ago from a trip to China, was delivered in one of the hospitals in Manila with symptoms of SARS. The patient has high temperature and some other signs of the deadly disease. The final diagnosis will be delivered on Monday. And in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou (Guangdong province), where in December was recorded case of the disease SARS in 32-year-old man, with an unexpected announcement made by the experts of the world health organization. Читать полностью -->

Fetal monitor IFM-

Fetal monitor IFM-Prenosnou apparatus for diagnosing any stage of pregnancy until successful delivery. Manufacturer: Biosys Country: South Korea Price: $3500.0 The field of medicine: Bedside monitors Description: Monitoring and registration of fetal heart rate (one fetus) and contractions. One ultrasonic sensor as standard for registration, choose fruit, frequency of 2.0 MHz, 1 Toco sensor, marker. The alarm system. LCD digital indicators. Function: prenatal diagnosis of the fetus, parallel digital signal processing, check real-time, date, sensor. Читать полностью -->

For cellular therapy, cells are no longer needed

For cellular therapy, cells are no longer neededNew therapies based on stem cells, can be effective without the cells themselves. As identified by canadian researchers, with the introduction of these immature cells in the hope that they will replace cells lost by the body, the body began to repair itself. Researchers believe that the matter of special molecules that produce stem cells. This work was conducted under the guidance of the MICS Bhatia (Mickie Bhatia), biologist of the Institute of Roberts in London, Ontario. The researchers injected the cells from the bone marrow of healthy mice in the pancreas of mice with diabetes. They expected that stem cells will turn into beta cells that produce insulin, but the results exceeded their expectations. Читать полностью -->

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