German could not prove that Smoking ruined his health

German could not prove that Smoking ruined his healthGerman court today rejected the first in the history of the country lawsuit smoker to tobacco companies. 50-year-old plaintiff accused the German tobacco company Reemstma, which owns British Britain´s Imperial Tobacco Group, the failure to provide adequate warnings about the dangers that can cause Smoking its products to the health of consumers. The claim was rejected by the civil court of the city of Arnsberg "lack of evidence" in the first place, the lack of evidence that challenges the plaintiff's heart is directly related to his Smoking habit. The plaintiff demanded from the company payments rather modest, compared to the same claims. So, in the USA, where such claims are the most common amount of 125 thousand marks as compensation for the damage to his health damage and even 88 thousand as compensation for "lost in the diseases of income". Representatives of the tobacco companies said that they are satisfied with and not surprised by the court decision. Читать полностью -->

Excessively early marriage complications during childbirth

Excessively early marriage complications during childbirthExcessively early marriage, when girls still physiologically not ready for motherhood, leads to severe complications in childbirth and causes an annual loss of at least one million newborns worldwide, especially in developing countries. According to UNICEF and the world health organization, from such complications die 70 thousand women aged under 19 years. So pregnancy and childbirth in the third world countries are the leading cause of death of young women. The information collected by international agencies, shows that approximately 12.5 million of the 125 million babies worldwide are born to mothers under the age of 19 years. Among industrialized countries, most teen mothers are there in the USA, followed by Russia and New Zealand. Least of all such mothers in South Korea, Japan and the Netherlands. Читать полностью -->

Doctors have learned to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment

Doctors have learned to evaluate the effectiveness of treatmentAmerican scientists have found a way to monitor the effectiveness of the drugs used for the treatment of atherosclerosis. To do this they had to modify the current method of magnetic resonance therapy. Making some changes in the design of magnetic resonance imaging (adding to them a special power, which was introduced into the esophagus of the patient) and reconfiguring their software, researchers from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore was able to get a clear enough image of the blood vessels of patients on which it was possible to estimate the size of atherosclerotic plaques. Studying the dynamics of their changes, the doctors were able to evaluate the effectiveness of assigned patients antiatherosclerotic therapy and in some cases to adjust it to suit the individual characteristics of patients. "Until recently, the doctor, schedule antiatherosclerotic drugs, was forced to act at your own risk at its disposal virtually no methods to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment and, if necessary, modify it, said Dr. Joao Lima, lead author of the study. Читать полностью -->

For toothache

For toothacheIn many homes there is always a sage, which is brewed and warm broth rinse the sore spot of the mouth, possibly longer trying to keep the juice on diseased area of the gums. Cooled down in the mouth fat need to change. To do this often: from 3 to 5 times within a half hour or quarter of an hour, after which the pain subsides. Get a slice of pork fat (skin, fresh or salt). If fat salty, the salt must be cleaned. This slice is placed on a sore spot, between the cheek and gum. Читать полностью -->

Drain secretions from glands meibomian

Drain secretions from glands meibomianWhat is the technique of squeezing the secret of meibomian glands? Increased secretion of meibomian glands may be the cause of recurrent conjunctivitis, chronic blepharitis and keratitis. Squeezing secret of meibomian glands helps to normalize their functions, which is very beneficial to the condition of the conjunctiva and eyelid edge. The technique of "massage" is. The edges of both eyelids closer to their contact with the thumbs of both hands and, with gentle pressure, move the eyelids in the horizontal direction. The secret of meibomian glands is secreted in the form of white columns like toothpaste from a tube.. . Читать полностью -->

cancer cells can "recover""

cancer cells can Unexpected results have led a series of experiments involving the cloning of mammalian cells, held at the Massachusetts Institute of technology (USA). Scientists have discovered that cancer cells can not only multiply and spread through the body, but also... to turn back to healthy. Exploring the physiology of malignant cells, scientists have tried to create a new organism is introduced to the cell nucleus of the cancer in a healthy egg, and put the resulting embryo into the uterus of the mouse. Developed from it the fruit is quite normal - it was not a single deviation from the norm, indicating that the genome of the tumor cells contained any vital mutations or violations. "Apparently, the generally accepted view that cancer is a disease primarily genetic, not quite true," said Dr. Читать полностью -->

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