American soldiers in Iraq are dying from an unknown disease

American soldiers in Iraq are dying from an unknown diseaseThe number of American soldiers who contracted in Iraq unknown disease has reached 19, according to Lake Sun. Two soldiers died. All patients soldiers evacuated to the hospital, Landstuhl (Landstuhl) in Germany. Cases of infection were registered since the beginning of March this year. The first was lost twenty years of specialist Josh Noise (Josh Neusche). At first, his disease was regarded as pneumonia. Читать полностью -->

In Russia, more counterfeit medicines

In Russia, more counterfeit medicinesDeputy Minister of health of the Russian Federation Anton Kotlinski said that in the country there is a growing number of counterfeit drugs. According to the Federation Council Committee on social policy, the number of counterfeit medicines is approaching 40 percent. From January to September this year, the Pharmaceutical Inspectorate of the RF Ministry of health has identified 48 items of counterfeit drugs on the Russian market. About this informed the head of the Department of the Ministry of health Valery akimushkin the all-Russian conference "Thermopaste-2003". According to him, in 2002, the experts found 62 names of counterfeit medicines. More fake medications foreign production: 69 % of the total number of fakes. Читать полностью -->

Blinking and glimpses

Blinking and glimpsesBlink - reflectionon move the eyelids of the person. When blink movements of the eyelids tear evenly distributed over the surface of the cornea and helps to keep the humidity at a desired level. However, the blinking can be carried out not only reflection as a protective reflex, but deliberately. In the system of Bates is conscious blinking acts as exercises to improve vision. What does the blinking? Because, according to the system of Bates, the cause of the deterioration is considered to be the effort to see any object, it is useful to close the eyes before this effort will appear. Thus, the blinking prevents attempts eyes, looking intently to see pochowalismy object. Читать полностью -->

In the suburbs - an outbreak of typhoid fever

In the suburbs - an outbreak of typhoid feverIn Balashikha near Moscow has sharply worsened the epidemiological situation. According to the sanitary region for the last few weeks there registered 6 cases of typhoid. Currently, epidemiologists study the possible sources of disease. In Balashikha district 6 cases of typhoid fever. Doctors officially call it flash, but between them speak about the epidemic. Vaccination workers in markets around the heading. Читать полностью -->

Bowel obstruction

Bowel obstructionOBSTRUCTION of the BOWEL - syndrome characterized by violation of the passage of contents through the GI tract. Distinguish between dynamic and mechanical bowel obstruction. Dynamic intestinal obstruction can be spastic (extremely rare) and paralytic.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Smoking you willing to get stupid only %

Smoking you willing to get stupid only %Researchers in 1947, was determined by the coefficient of intelligence at 465 volunteers (at the time they were 11 years). In 2002, the study was repeated (tested on 64). Half of the respondents were smokers, and the other half of the volunteers didn't smoke. It is established that smokers performance IQ were significantly lower than non-smokers. Taking into account the effect of the factor of education, employment and level of alcohol consumption Smoking in itself reduces intelligence by about 1%. Professor of the University of Aberdeen (Scotland) Lawrence Whally, who led the study still finds it difficult to explain the reasons why opupeniya" due to Smoking. Читать полностью -->

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