Human generated random mutation

Human generated random mutationAppearance on the planet of the mind, that is, a man, was the result of a random mutation that occurred about 2.5 million years ago. Such an unexpected conclusion reached by scientists from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, studying the features of the human genome and other representatives of the primates. As shown by their research, about 2.5 million years ago in the genome of ancient apes occurred seemingly insignificant change, the consequences of which determined the direction of development of life on the planet. Changed MYH16 gene involved in the regulation of development of the masticatory muscles. As a result, the muscles decreased in several times, no need for the massive bones of the skull, to which was attached muscles and, as a consequence, it became possible to increase the volume of the cranial cavity and the mass of the brain. In addition, scientists believe that the MYH16 gene mutation to a certain extent, contributed to the formation of the vocal apparatus. Читать полностью -->

Transgenic grass will relieve hay fever

Transgenic grass will relieve hay feverThe creators of transgenic grasses hope that their offspring will help to improve the treatment of modified plants. "The beauty of this herb will benefit the General public, and not only to the producer," says the developer Hermann Spangenberg of Plant Biotechnology Centre, La Trobe University, Melbourne. The Iberian and Italian tares are cultivated meadows and pastures around the world, accounting for 70% of all lawn grass seeds sold in the European Union. The same grass in Europe and Australia is a major cause of hay fever - allergic diseases. Therefore hypoallergenic variant of grass would be a great help to people around the world. Spangenberg and his colleagues have created several varieties of apples, from which the output of one or both major allergens is reduced by 50%. Читать полностью -->

heart Surgery does not reduce the probability of death

heart Surgery does not reduce the probability of deathStenting of coronary arteries, i.e. the enlargement of the clearance using a special metal device, does not reduce the likelihood of a patient's death from myocardial infarction. This was reported by scientists from Duke University. Coronary artery stenting is considered one of the most effective methods of treatment of coronary heart disease - it allows to achieve the long-term expansion of the lumen of the coronary vessels and does not pose a threat to patient's life, as it does not require surgery on the open heart. But how did the researchers find, actually, its effects are relatively short. According to their results, stenting actually reduces the severity of symptoms of coronary heart disease and reduces the likelihood of recurrent angina or myocardial infarction, but after 4-5 weeks after surgery, these indicators are returned to the original level. Читать полностью -->

So whom to explore the space?

So whom to explore the space?NASA claim that women over 45 years more and more balanced men. They, moreover, requires less oxygen and food, they last longer retain good physical shape, and intellectual abilities they have more stable. And cardiologists Alabama a & m University found that women, only two percent in the ten years reduced tolerance to high loads. For men, the figure is as much as ten percent. Brain function in women begin to fade only to seventy years of age, and men five years earlier. RIA "Novosti"". Читать полностью -->

Intestinal infection "beveled" persons

Intestinal infection Intestinal infection "beveled" 200 persons In Central Serbia, more than 200 people were hospitalized in the outbreak of intestinal infection. Doctors believe the disease could be caused by a bacterium type of E. coli that has fallen into water, Topola, located 50 km South-West of Belgrade. Currently conducting research to identify the exact species of pathogenic bacteria. Meanwhile, as a precautionary citizens of the city were forbidden to drink the tap water. Most of the patients are being treated in hospitals in Belgrade and the nearby city of Kragujevac. Читать полностью -->

Scientists have found a cure for excessive sweating

Scientists have found a cure for excessive sweatingScientists have found a cure for excessive sweating The drug toxin Clostridium botullinum known as ?Botoxo, in recent years became one of the first place among the means for eliminating wrinkles. But, perhaps, only that its use is not limited. German dermatologists have found that ?Botoxo can be used in dermatology as a treatment for excessive sweating. Scientists from ?Ludwig-Maximilian Universityo (Munich, Germany) carried out a small survey, which was attended by 16 volunteers. Each of them got shot ?Botoxo, and then on a six-point scale assessed the changes in the intensity of sweating compared to usual living. It turned out that one injection of the drug reduces sweating from 2.69 to 1.83, and this effect is maintained for 48-72 hours. Читать полностью -->

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