Insulin increases the risk of heart failure?

Insulin increases the risk of heart failure?According to observational studies, the beginning of hypoglycemic therapy is associated with increased risk of congestive heart failure. Dr. Gregory A. Nichols (Kaiser Permanente, Portland, Oregon) reported on held in new Orleans 63rd scientific sessions of the American Diabetes Association. "Insulin therapy has long been associated with increased risk of cardiovascular events. However, it is difficult to say with certainty what the true cause of this phenomenon: the actual insulin or hyperinsulinemia on the background of insulin resistance," explained Dr. Читать полностью -->

Nurse threw the urn in the child's finger

Nurse threw the urn in the child's fingerCut off the finger of a small child, who, it was hoped parents, you will be able to sew it back, the nurse threw in the trash. However, later it got there and gave the family so they put it in the fridge and went for the surgery the next morning. Unfortunately, after these misadventures finger to sew failed, so the mother is now going to sue the hospital to court. How to tell the family the BBC correspondents, the tip of the little finger Dale Ashton (Ashton Dale) was severed in an accident with a stroller. It happened in his parents ' home in Hyde (Hyde), near Stockport (Stockport), England. The family called an ambulance, which took the child to the hospital, and with it the severed finger in a clean package. Читать полностью -->

Ginseng leads to congenital malformations

Ginseng leads to congenital malformationsTo make funds on the basis of ginseng during pregnancy can be extremely undesirable and even dangerous to the health of the unborn child. Although finally talk about it sooner, Chinese scientists reported that ginseng can lead to severe developmental defects. At least, they found that one of the substances in the composition of ginseng causes malformations in rats. "Although the writer found a lot of data about the potential benefits of ginseng, much less is known about its toxicity, and data on the impact on the human embryo is simply no", - reads the statement of scientists led by Lewis Chan (Louis Chan) from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. According to statistics, in some Asian countries and ten percent of pregnant women receive funds on the basis of ginseng. The authors of the study believe that the damaging effect on the developing organism has a connection of ginsenoside Rb1 found in ginseng. Читать полностью -->

Food British schoolchildren worse than prison

Food British schoolchildren worse than prisonThe largest organization of Soil Association certification in the UK agricultural products, called food in schools in England and Wales cheap garbage. The Soil Association, whose name can be translated as "Society working on the earth", notes that in some schools the cost of food was two times lower than in prisons. This, in turn, directly affected its quality. The report also States that providers of food supplied to schools "decaying fish, mechanically recovered meat and vegetables with pesticide residues". Now many students that do not take food from home, according to the Soil Association, are deprived of essential vitamins and minerals. Presenting his report on the eve of the Week of healthy food (Organic Week - long celebration of British farmers - the Soil Association calls on the government to increase funding for agriculture on a ВЈ 200 million. Читать полностью -->

Clinic psychological adaptable doctor Magalif

Clinic psychological adaptable doctor MagalifClinic psychological adaptable doctor Magalif Treatment of alcohol dependence During outpatient treatment, the patient wean off alcohol without pain and fear. Doctors clinics relieve cravings for alcohol, restores the nervous system, normalize metabolism. The annual rate of medical rehabilitation includes: conducting methods narcology and self-control, restore metabolism special drug complexes, regular medical monitoring of the General condition of the patient with psychotherapy and drug treatment. Treatment for drug dependence Outpatient rehabilitation is the most time-consuming step in the treatment of drug addicts. To achieve the positive results you need to combine the efforts of the physician, the patient and his loved ones. We offer individual 3-month course of outpatient rehabilitation. Читать полностью -->

Dentist drilled half healthy teeth in women, which he owed

Dentist drilled half healthy teeth in women, which he owedEnglish dentist drilled half of the healthy teeth of a patient because she owed him money, writes the Daily Telegraph. On Thursday held a meeting of the disciplinary Committee of the General Department of Dentistry in the case of very evil dentist. A "lady" came to his dentist for a second visit. When the woman went skiing resort in Switzerland, she had the seal. After returning home, "Mrs." turned to his dentist with a request to save her from the unbearable pain. Dentist Neville Kahn considered it their duty to remind the "lady" that she owed him ВЈ 60 last visit, which took place in January 2002. Читать полностью -->

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