the Russian Government has allowed syphilis to serve in the army

the Russian Government has allowed syphilis to serve in the armyThe Russian government on 25 February approved a new regulation on the military-medical expertise. The decree, which will come into effect from 1 July 2003, was published on the website of the Government of the Russian Federation on March 4. According to this document, height less than 150 cm and weight less than 45 kg now are not absolute contraindications to the performance of military service. If insufficient height or weight are identified in the statement on the military register or call, after examination by an endocrinologist is deferred for 12 months. If a recruit during this time, not gaining laid kilograms or centimeters, it is valid only during military conflicts The young men with a difference in leg length less than 8 cm will be offered treatment with compression-distraction osteosynthesis. When refusal of treatment or unsatisfactory results, this conscript is recognized limited fit. Читать полностью -->

Onions will help with anemia

Onions will help with anemiaOnions will help with anemia It is green onion plays an important role in providing the human body of folic acid which regulates the processes of development, hematopoiesis and growth. Its deficiency in the mother's body is one of the causes of miscarriages. With a shortage of folic acid, the conditions for the development of chronic gastritis and enterocolitis. Green onions are especially necessary for people suffering from anemia, as well as being influenced by various harmful for blood production factors and ionizing radiation.. . . Читать полностью -->

World covers the syphilis epidemic after oral sex

World covers the syphilis epidemic after oral sexThe American Center for control and prevention of diseases (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns about a sharp rise in cases of syphilis infection after oral sex, according to Reuters. People somehow believe oral sex is safer and not think about the need for protection. Meanwhile, syphilitic chancre mouth sharply increases the risk of HIV infection by kissing with an HIV-positive partner. The CDC experts believe that during oral sex, you must use barrier methods of contraception, such as the male condom. This is especially true for contact with a casual partner. Changing disease patterns. Читать полностью -->

Chuvash prisoners tried to infect AIDS guards colony

Chuvash prisoners tried to infect AIDS guards colonyChuvash prisoners tried to infect AIDS guards colony Detainees in one of the colonies said that he attempted to infect AIDS protection, reported IA 'Walaiporn' with reference to the newspaper "AIF-Chuvashia'. The cause of the conflict was the fact that the penitentiary employees found that two prisoners from the group of HIV-infected people are drunk. The guards of the colony was going to take them to the medical unit with the aim to confirm the alcohol. However, prisoners, hot alcohol, fiercely resisted. As weapons they used his blood. One of the prisoners cut my hand with a razor. Читать полностью -->

Siamese twins healthy

Siamese twins healthyThe state of the conjoined twins from Egypt, operated by surgeons at Children's medical center of Dallas, is not a cause for concern. Doctors estimate it as "moderate". Both boys already cancelled all intravenous injections, they are able to eat normally respond to the appeals of others. Recall that the twins Mohamed and Ahmed Ibrahim were born fused at the crown area. They were separated on 12 October during complex operations, which lasted for 34 hours. Читать полностью -->

In the human brain discovered natural antidote for cocaine

In the human brain discovered natural antidote for cocaineIn the human brain discovered natural antidote for cocaine Mary Jeanne Crick and her colleagues at the Rockefeller University have discovered why some cocaine users quickly become addicted and others do not receive from drug slightest pleasure. According to researchers, in the brain of people there is a natural antidote to popular stimulant - protein dynorphin, has soothing effect. In the case of the increased production of this protein man cannot become cocainism. The biggest "immunity" from addiction are the people who received copies of the gene dynorphin and from the father and from the mother. However, production of the protein may be increased (or the opposite, reduced) depending on the "version" encoding gene, which include individuals or families. Further research natural remedies can lead to the development of effective drugs for the prevention and treatment of drug abuse.. Читать полностью -->

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