who is concerned about the rapid growth of trade in counterfeit drugs

who is concerned about the rapid growth of trade in counterfeit drugsThe world Health Organization (who) is seriously concerned about the rapid growth of trade in counterfeit drugs. The global scale of this trade can be several tens of billions of dollars per year. Phony pills and tablets that appear on the shelves of pharmacies and illegally distributed via the Internet may contain an incorrect dose of medication, unexpected ingredients or not to contain any biologically active substances. Such pseudokarst subjected to mortal danger the lives of millions of people. The high cost of these drugs, low cost fakes and relative impunity became irresistible temptation for leaders of organized crime, increasingly prefer to trade in fake medicines is strictly punishable drug trafficking. Illicit trade the most thriving in the developing countries of Asia and Africa, but often threatens and developed countries. Читать полностью -->

Australians sew unusual bras

Australians sew unusual brasAustralian scientists have developed a number of unusual items of clothing, among which of particular interest from the local media called "smart bra" that harnesses which themselves are tightened when the female breast need more support. The bra is made of a special material, which is compressed when the tension reaches a predetermined level. According to the developers from the University of Wollongong University, because of its properties new bra supports the Breasts during any vigorous activity, such as during physical exercise. Among other items of clothing made with the use of "smart fabrics" - knee pads for athletes, "witness" for the position of the feet, and clothing for military with built-in solar panels. In addition, the Australian researchers are working to create "smart gloves", which will help people with injuries of the hands to take the subject, writes Ananova.. . Читать полностью -->

About % of children in Russia have insufficient height and weight

About % of children in Russia have insufficient height and weightAbout 10% of children in Russia have insufficient height and weight In Russia now logged to 5% of preterm and low birthweight children in so-called food sign, said the first Deputy Minister of health of the Russian Federation - chief state sanitary doctor of Russia Gennady Onishchenko. Speaking in the state Duma in the "Government hour" on the quality of incoming food products from abroad in Russia, he stressed that "this is one of the highest in the recent history of the country." According to him, 10% of school-age children have a lower body weight and reduced growth. Of particular concern, he said, causing high pollution chemical elements in infant foods. The dependence of the domestic market in this important food group has now become very high, particularly for children in the first year of life, it reaches 90%. Source:MORNING.ru. . Читать полностью -->

Surgeons transplanted the boy just four body

Surgeons transplanted the boy just four bodyAmerican transplant surgeons have performed a unique operation. For 12 hours they put 12-month-old boy in the stomach, small intestine, liver and pancreas. And this operation was completely successful. The reason for such a complex surgical intervention has become a rare congenital disease that completely broke the digestive system a little patient and must be fatal to a maximum of one year. AskDoctor.ru. . Читать полностью -->

The real number of HIV-infected people in Russia - million

The real number of HIV-infected people in Russia -  millionThe real number of HIV-infected people in Russia - 1 million Today in Russia registered 220.5 with thousand HIV-infected people. This was stated by the head of the Russian scientific-methodological center for prevention and fight against AIDS, academician Vadim Pokrovsky. At the same time, according to him, the actual number infected with HIV is approaching a million people. "In this situation, noted academician, is a very important question is about the prevention of further spread of the disease, as treatment can only stop the progression of the stage of infection in the clinical, severe form, called AIDS". The epidemic, according to Pokrovsky, "until you can stop it only by educating people to behave safely, i.e. the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, but it should really be propaganda, but no mention of AIDS once a year on 1 December.". Читать полностью -->


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