The rights and responsibilities of patients

The rights and responsibilities of patientsThe rights of citizens of the Russian Federation in the field of health 1. The right of citizens to health protection and free, quality medical care in accordance with the Program of state guarantees on ensuring Russian citizens to free medical care. 2. A citizen's right to compulsory health insurance. 3. A citizen's right to choose a medical insurance organization. Читать полностью -->

Developed a new technique for treatment of non-consolidation of fractures

Developed a new technique for treatment of non-consolidation of fracturesDeveloped a new technique for treatment of non-consolidation of fractures Currently joining bone fragments in most hospitals is still based on the techniques of the 70's, when by bone grafting exercise free movement cortical, cortical-cancellous or spongy autotransplants in the area of non-consolidation of a fracture or false joint bones in combination with osteosynthesis or without him. These ways are very traumatic, because involve to harvest autogenous bone, expanding online access to the field of non-consolidation of a fracture or false joint, having the skeletization of the ends of the bone fragments associated with the implementation and adaptation of autograft formed in the bed, and followed by osteosynthesis. A more modern method of fusion of the bone fragments, is that in order to accelerate the fusion of fragments in terms of stable osteosynthesis in the area regenerate administered proteolytic enzyme. However, this method due to the fact that the action of the enzyme is manifested only in the presence of the regenerate or primary bone spur, greatly lengthens the duration of treatment. And if megalomanic scar formation and adhesions covering or overlapping the ends of the bone fragments and the lumen of the bone medullary canal, the proteolytic enzyme is not always able to lyse. In addition, after its introduction, he did not linger in the area of non-consolidation of a fracture or false joint, as its solvent is either a saline solution or a solution of novocaine, which according to its consistency does not create depot in matlakala space. Читать полностью -->

Doctors are allowed to kill sick children

Doctors are allowed to kill sick childrenThe Dutch government intends to consider the adoption of the law authorizing the carrying out euthanasia in the case of incurable diseases of young children. According to preliminary information, in the text of this law will be so limited that they will meet a maximum of 500-600 cases per year worldwide, or 10-15 cases in the Netherlands. Recall that the Netherlands is the only country in the world where euthanasia was legalised in 2002. But now doctors have the right to terminate the life of a terminally ill person only if he has more than 16 years, in exceptional cases, the threshold age may be lowered to 12 years. . Читать полностью -->

Quit Smoking, it is better not to resort to nicotine means of withdrawal

Quit Smoking, it is better not to resort to nicotine means of withdrawalQuit Smoking, it is better not to resort to nicotine means of withdrawal Prolonged use of special nikotinsoderzhaschie patches, inhalers, gum, and other similar tools designed to help smokers parting with their bad habit itself can cause cancer. This is the conclusion of researchers. Phillip Dennis Phillip Dennis) and his colleagues from the National cancer Institute in Bethesda (Maryland) found that nicotine in the blood significantly violates the mechanism of apoptosis, i.e. programmed cell death by which the body gets rid of the sick, or unwanted cells. In the conditions when this mechanism is blocked, cells with dangerous defects hereditary material continue to freely share, which can lead to the formation of tumors. According to Dennis, the human body, vacarisses a cigarette, just a few minutes later loses the ability to get rid of defective cells. Читать полностью -->

Clenching his fists man improves memory

Эксперимент был проведен с 50-ю добровольцами, которым для запоминания предлагался длинный список слов, причем в это время они выполняли движения на сжатие кулаков на своих руках. Организаторы эксперимента выдвинули гипотезу о том, что сжатие кулаков влияет на активизацию определенных участков головного мозга, ответственного за память.

Ученый из Нью-Джерси Рут Пропер сказал в интервью, что исследования показали, как простые движения тела могут помочь улучшить память за счет того, что временно изменяется способ функционирования мозга.

Для полного запоминания информации каждому человеку полезно делать следующие действия. Нужно при усваивании информации сжать правый кулак, а после для лучшего запоминания сжать левый кулак на 90 секунд.

Ранее было выяснено, что сжатие правого кулака активизирует левое полушарие, с сжатие левого - правое полушарие. Так же было замечена связь сжатия кулаков с эмоциями. Правую руку сжимают когда испытывают сильные эмоции связанные со счастьем или гневом, а левую сжимают при ощущениях грусти или тревоги.

Другой ученый, профессор из Лондона, Нейл Бирджесс, уточнил, что необходимо провести более широкомасштабные исследования влияния движения тела на функции мозга в целом и в частности на память. Эксперименты обязательно должны включать в себя сканирование мозговых клеток, изучение потоков крови к левому и правому полушарию.