Food or poison?

Food or poison?Sold in Moscow baby food often contain substantial quantities of genetically modified proteins (GMS). Moreover, it is designed for children products of domestic origin. Such findings suggest the results at the Institute of Cytology of the Russian Academy of Sciences (St. Petersburg) research. The injury can not only bring fast food from bright imported packages, which listed a whole bunch of preservatives and dyes. Unfortunately, the domestic food began on the content of harmful substances to catch up with foreign goods. Читать полностью -->

misuse of the Internet leads to alcohol dependence

misuse of the Internet leads to alcohol dependencePsychiatrists from the University of Florida has defined the criteria by which you can identify an online addiction in patients. Instructions should help practitioners. Web surfing, email, instant messaging, shopping, downloading music and visiting chat rooms cause concern when they become an obstacle to the work or social life. So consider Dr. Nathan Shapira and William McKnight. The task of doctors to determine when excessive use of the world wide web is becoming dysfunctional, and whether the web zavisimosti cause, for example, manic depression. Читать полностью -->


SigmoidoscopySigmoidoscopy - method study of the inner surface is straight and the initial part of the sieve guts (see "Preparation of patients for endoscopic studies of the digestive system"). What is the proctoscope? The proctoscope consists of a set of metal tubes with a diameter of 20-25 mm and a length of 25-30 cm from the obturator-mi-mandarinami, optical and lighting systems and a cylinder for injection of air into the colon. In the set there are wattanachai, the biopsy forceps, spoon for scraping the mucosa. How is the preparation of a proctoscope to work? Before the study sterilized tube, the obturator, the crown, screw-on tube, wattanachai, spoon, tongs. The remaining parts of the proctoscope wipe with alcohol and placed in a 0.5% solution of bleach. In addition proctoscope, the procedure to prepare the pelvis for possible liquid faeces, sterile cotton balls, 0.1% solution of atropine, 20% silver nitrate solution, alcohol, vaseline. Читать полностью -->

Young children should not watch TV, scientists proved

Young children should not watch TV, scientists provedMore than a small child is watching TV, the higher the probability that it will face serious problems, in particular, it is difficult for him to concentrate on the lesson. The chances that the child will manifest problems with concentration during the study, 30% higher for those children who watch TV three hours a day, compared to those who don't watch TV at all. This conclusion was made by researchers from the Children's Hospital (Children´s Hospital and Regional Medical Center, which is located in the city of Seattle.The results of this study support the recommendation that many years, gives the American Academy of Pediatrics. She recommends that completely restrict TV viewing children under two years of age. Children aged 3-5 years are allowed to watch high-quality programs for children" not more than two hours a day. The information was distributed by the Foundation Kaiser Family Foundation. Читать полностью -->

Ulyanovsk authorities close cardiology

Ulyanovsk authorities close cardiologyThe leadership of the Ulyanovsk region has decided to eliminate the regional cardiac centre, reported on Monday, "Novye Izvestiya" material "Ordered to die". According to the paper, thus patients with heart disease is actually doomed. Although liquidated cardiology center will join with the Department of thoracic surgery, regional hospital, Ulyanovsk cardiologists sure that operations at the same level will be impossible. "Thousands of patients are recommended to go on operations in Moscow. But to be treated in the capital will be able to afford residents of the area. The rest, in fact, offered to die", - the newspaper writes. Читать полностью -->

Clinic aesthetic plastic surgery Karlsruhe

Clinic aesthetic plastic surgery KarlsruheClinic aesthetic plastic surgery Karlsruhe The clinic offers the following options for plastics: lifting of the forehead, wrinkles age toning of the skin of face and neck; correction of the nose and profile, the capacity of the chin; modeling of the lips using strikes from collagen or lipomodulin; sanding of the skin, chemical peels; ear correction; lipoaspiration in almost any place of the body according to the latest method; the increase in breast size, improving tone and elasticity of the breast skin breast reduction; treatment of gynecomastia (the swelling of the breast in men); skin tightening of the abdomen; cosmetic correction of scars skin; removal of benign and malignant tumors of the skin; modeling forms the shins (implants for calves); treatment of snoring (ENT doctor); laser treatment of wrinkles, age spots, skin tumors using Metropolitano a CO 2 laser.. . . . . . Читать полностью -->

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