In Russia to have abortions lonely and poor maternal Smoking

In Russia to have abortions lonely and poor maternal SmokingFinal approval was the initiative of the Russian government on the reduction of the list of social indications for abortion in the later stages. The RF government decree was signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov on 11 August, after which Minzdrav Russia cut list with 13 points to 4. Initially, the legislators were going to leave only three positions, but later decided to allow the ladies to have abortions at late (>12 weeks) the terms under one of four conditions. So now a woman in Russia has the right to bring their child if there is a court decision on deprivation or restriction of parental rights, if the pregnancy was caused by rape, if the husband of the mother of the child is disabled, I-II group, or was the fact of his death during his wife's pregnancy. Also, make a complicated surgery to remove the fetus in case the woman is in prison. Previously among the social reasons for late abortion were factors such as the unemployment status or refugee at least one of the spouses, lack of housing (including residential accommodation, private accommodation), large families (when the number of children per family is 3 or more), the presence of a child with a disability and low financial security of the family (when income per 1 household member less than the subsistence minimum established for this region). Читать полностью -->

Plastic surgeons create the ideal of beauty

Plastic surgeons create the ideal of beautyThroughout the six months plastic surgeons will operate a resident of China, which wants to completely change their appearance. 24-year-old Hao Lulu, journalist and owner of a jewelry store, decided to change their eyes, nose, chin, chest, belly, buttocks, legs and skin. Hao Lulu hopes that doctors will make her a "real beauty", and then it will become a movie actress. Dr. Zhou Gan, who heads the group of surgeons, said that the new appearance of their patients can only be maintained for three to five years. Other doctors sharply criticized these operations, believing that this is just a publicity stunt hospital, which employs a team of Dr. Читать полностью -->

Coffee slows down the reaction

Coffee slows down the reactionIn Italy, the country with one of the first places in the world for coffee consumption, the researchers decided to test whether caffeine exacerbates mental abilities. Experiment confirms this popular opinion, only partially. Coffee really makes the human brain work faster, but in cases when you need to quickly switch from one object to another, the brain is like a frozen computer. A volunteer group was divided in two; one half of the experiment, participants gave 200 milligrams of caffeine - the equivalent of two cups of coffee. Each subject read 10 words, and then answered 100 questions. When the answer had to use a large number of read words, people who consumed caffeine, answered faster than the second group of subjects. Читать полностью -->

Doctors still can't explain cancer

Doctors still can't explain cancerDuring the last thirty years in Europe has increased the number of diseases of different types of cancer, both among adults and among children. Among adolescents under the age of 20 years, patients are still little, but scientists have argued that the trend of increasing cases of the disease among this age group there. At the same time, according to researchers from the International Agency for research on cancer (IARC), which is located in Lyon, the percentage of recoveries also increased. Explanations to this phenomenon does not exist. Doctors do not exclude that the trend is partly due to improved methods of diagnosis of cancer that can detect the disease at early stages. РњIGnews. Читать полностью -->

Apricot as medicine

Apricot as medicineApricot as medicine Apricot - deciduous tree of the family Roseau color height from 5 to 17m. Reproduces by seeds and shoots. Lives 40-50, sometimes up to 100 years. Gives fruit yield of 100-150 kg/ha, less than 300-700 kg from the same tree. Hardy makes lower - tion temperature at -20 В° C. In Russia in the wild this species is found in the far East and in the North Caucasus. Читать полностью -->

Russian vets unite against Gosnarkokontrol

Russian vets unite against GosnarkokontrolSoon in Moscow will be the Union of veterinarians. This was reported by the Director of the veterinary clinic "Bon Pet" Camille Galimov. According to him, on may 28, held in Sokolniki exhibition CULTURE the members of the leading clinics in the capital have agreed to establish a trade Union veterinary workers. "In fact, he has already been created, it remains only to draw up the necessary documents," said Galimov. According to him, the main purpose of the organization shall be "the Association and coordination of activity vets for the protection of their rights and defending the professional interests, primarily in the courts, where it continues its consideration of the so-called ketamine Affairs. "We have already collected the first contributions, which will go to pay lawyers to operate, said Galimov, because things Salavatov Duque and continue". Читать полностью -->

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