Obesity is associated with impaired reproductive function

Obesity is associated with impaired reproductive functionScientists have found that obesity is often associated with impaired reproductive function in women. Considering that the mechanisms of this relationship is very complex and not fully understood, scientists have suggested that an important role in this process is played by the state of functional hyperandrogenism and hyperinsulinemia. The results showed that in women with polycystic ovary disease, obesity can cause the development of hyperandrogenism and associated with this, chronic anovulation. A related process hyperstimulation steroids and reduction of sexual hormones. Thus, to lose excess weight is one of the first conditions for the treatment of infertility in obese women. Then begin to work normally insulin receptors, and reduces the production of steroids. Читать полностью -->

do Not discard the milk teeth in years they You may need!

do Not discard the milk teeth in  years they You may need!Stem cells derived from the pulp loose milk teeth, multiply much faster than cells derived from the pulp of permanent adult or from bone marrow. Stem cells have the ability to stimulate the growth and regeneration of many tissues of the body and can be used in the future for medical purposes even after 20 years when the individual is in need. Stem cells are effective to stimulate the regeneration of nerve tissue and bone growth. The advantage of autologous stem cells, when they are the same individual, is the lack of rejection reactions. How to store "milk teeth", is not yet known. But, most of all, clean and cold will not hurt. Читать полностью -->

Doctors prescribed to the patient burgers and fries

Doctors prescribed to the patient burgers and friesIn the United Kingdom has an 18-year old guy who would literally die without burgers, fries and other unhealthy food. Ashley Clark is forced to eat the cholesterol products in unlimited quantities to be what is called normal. At the age of 14 years, the doctors diagnosed him with a rare disease. The boy is too wide, the diameter of the veins, causing very low blood pressure and slow the rhythm of the heart. As a result, he is prone to fainting, which happens three times a day. The doctor made a very cruel verdict: if the pressure does not increase, sooner or later, another faint end in death. Читать полностью -->

medical services should be judged by the end result, says government

medical services should be judged by the end result, says governmentPrime Minister Mikhail Fradkov on Thursday, July 8, at the government meeting called for the introduction in medicine, the method of payment on the final result. "One of the elements of the modernization of medicine should be the introduction of a system of payment for medical services for the end result," said the Prime Minister, representing the government's session on the basic directions of work of the Cabinet of Ministers. What will be considered the end result, who will determine the criteria limb, when it will be paid when an uncertain end result (for example, when uncertain prognosis of a disease) - the Prime Minister did not elaborate. In addition, Fradkov considers necessary to the formation of a unified tariffs for services and essential medicines to ensure their availability to the General public. Will it be done in private medicine or municipal Prime Minister did not specify. The Prime Minister called for a speedy revision of the system of compulsory and voluntary medical insurance and guarantee quality health care. Читать полностью -->


MugERYSIPELAS - acute streptococcal disease characterized by skin lesions with formation of a limited inflammatory focus, as well as fever and symptoms of intoxication, frequent relapses. Etiology, pathogenesis. Pathogen - hemolytic Streptococcus is no different from a pathogen other streptococcal diseases (such as angina). Penetrates through a small skin damage. Possible exogenous infection (contaminated instruments, dressings). In the recurrences of faces on the same place matters allergic restructuring and sensitization of the skin to hemolytic Streptococcus. Читать полностью -->

Roshal General practitioners will not be able to replace specialists

Roshal General practitioners will not be able to replace specialists"Never a General practitioner will not replace a narrow specialist," said Roshal on Monday at a press conference in Moscow, commenting in force the order of the health Ministry On implementation of activities of a General practitioner (family doctor)". The order implies that General practitioners will replace a number of specialists, in particular, pediatricians and obstetrician-gynecologists. According to Roshal, General practitioners take away from population specific services in the first place this applies to children and pregnant women. According to the Director of scientific center of children's Health" Alexander Baranov, he received responses from 25 regions, which have already started the work of the General physicians. All responses strongly negative. In those regions where there are General practitioners, dramatically increased the number of calls an ambulance to children," said Baranov. Читать полностью -->

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