German could not prove that Smoking ruined his health

German could not prove that Smoking ruined his healthGerman court today rejected the first in the history of the country lawsuit smoker to tobacco companies. 50-year-old plaintiff accused the German tobacco company Reemstma, which owns British Britain´s Imperial Tobacco Group, the failure to provide adequate warnings about the dangers that can cause Smoking its products to the health of consumers. The claim was rejected by the civil court of the city of Arnsberg "lack of evidence" in the first place, the lack of evidence that challenges the plaintiff's heart is directly related to his Smoking habit. The plaintiff demanded from the company payments rather modest, compared to the same claims. So, in the USA, where such claims are the most common amount of 125 thousand marks as compensation for the damage to his health damage and even 88 thousand as compensation for "lost in the diseases of income". Representatives of the tobacco companies said that they are satisfied with and not surprised by the court decision. Читать полностью -->

Excessively early marriage complications during childbirth

Excessively early marriage complications during childbirthExcessively early marriage, when girls still physiologically not ready for motherhood, leads to severe complications in childbirth and causes an annual loss of at least one million newborns worldwide, especially in developing countries. According to UNICEF and the world health organization, from such complications die 70 thousand women aged under 19 years. So pregnancy and childbirth in the third world countries are the leading cause of death of young women. The information collected by international agencies, shows that approximately 12.5 million of the 125 million babies worldwide are born to mothers under the age of 19 years. Among industrialized countries, most teen mothers are there in the USA, followed by Russia and New Zealand. Least of all such mothers in South Korea, Japan and the Netherlands. Читать полностью -->

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