Nizhny Novgorod hundreds of people ill with hepatitis

Nizhny Novgorod hundreds of people ill with hepatitisIn Nizhny Novgorod the number of patients with hepatitis a has passed for 400 people. Physicians actively trying to identify the source of infection and inspection of objects of trade. In clinics Sormovsky district where there is infection, started vaccination of the population against the disease. Soon appropriate vaccination centers will be opened in other parts of the city. The question of the acquisition of additional batches of the vaccine. City officials spent disinfection rinse water in the Sormovsky district where there is infection. Читать полностью -->

the UK is threatened by an epidemic of Ebola

the UK is threatened by an epidemic of EbolaThe Princeton Professor Peter Walsh argues that in Britain a possible epidemic of Ebola. Professor Walsh is the largest English specialist in this dangerous disease. On Thursday planned to meet Professor Walsh with members of parliamentary committees on health and environmental protection, as well as representatives of the British foreign office and the chiefs of the largest airports in the country. Ebola is one of the most dangerous and rapidly spreading diseases in the world. Mortality caused by infection with Ebola virus ranges from 50% to 80%. Ebola is practically incurable. Читать полностью -->

Nervous system

Nervous systemOne of the main principles of natural medicine is a holistic approach to the patient. Providing human assistance, the doctor must take into account its physical, mental, emotional, and mental state. This is especially evident when it comes to nervous diseases. Physical ailments, such as headaches or insomnia, together with emotional disorders, for example depression, mental Perrin-progeniem and stress gathered in one tangle that can cause disease. Therefore, you should carefully consider all the causes of the disorder. First, you need to call on common sense: maybe golovu hurts you because yesterday you had too much alcohol? Maybe your anxiety due to the upcoming morrow interview, and the insomnia you have drunk night three cups of coffee? The search for reasons, may not lead to an immediate solution to your problem, but will help you to take preventative measures. Читать полностью -->

Every fifth Chinese have not heard anything about AIDS

Every fifth Chinese have not heard anything about AIDSAbout 20% of China's population have not heard anything about AIDS. These are the findings of an opinion poll published today in Beijing. Only 13% of respondents reported that they know all the ways of transmission of the virus. Sociologists have noted that the urban population informed and AIDS better than residents of rural areas of the country. In such big cities as Beijing or Shanghai almost 96.2% of the population is danger of this disease. In rural areas this indicator does not exceed 71%, said the researchers. Читать полностью -->

Stupidity is a genetic condition

Stupidity is a genetic conditionStupidity is a genetic disease that should be treated, says one of the most outstanding scientists of our time, geneticist James Watson. This statement Professor made the day before in an interview with British television in connection with the fiftieth anniversary of the discovery by Watson and his colleague Francis Crick structure of DNA. 28 February 1953 in the pub "Needles" in Cambridge they reported that "discovered the secret of life". For the discovery of the DNA double helix later, Watson and Crick received the Nobel prize. As stated by Watson in the TV interview, the stupidity in most cases is inherited, as well as other genetic diseases such as hemophilia. Therefore nonsense can and should be treated, said the Professor, who actively participates in the international project on the deciphering of the human genetic code. Читать полностью -->

Human generated random mutation

Human generated random mutationAppearance on the planet of the mind, that is, a man, was the result of a random mutation that occurred about 2.5 million years ago. Such an unexpected conclusion reached by scientists from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, studying the features of the human genome and other representatives of the primates. As shown by their research, about 2.5 million years ago in the genome of ancient apes occurred seemingly insignificant change, the consequences of which determined the direction of development of life on the planet. Changed MYH16 gene involved in the regulation of development of the masticatory muscles. As a result, the muscles decreased in several times, no need for the massive bones of the skull, to which was attached muscles and, as a consequence, it became possible to increase the volume of the cranial cavity and the mass of the brain. In addition, scientists believe that the MYH16 gene mutation to a certain extent, contributed to the formation of the vocal apparatus. Читать полностью -->

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