Erotic food

If zinc is not enough, the man will not feel sexual urges, will not be able to keep an erection and to produce seminal fluid. Lack of zinc can lead to the complete disappearance of the ability of men to sexual arousal. The most abundant source of zinc is oysters - and maybe that is why those who regularly eats are mighty lovers. We should not forget that the most important component erotic meal is aesthetic. And in this issue offer a vast space for your imagination. Of course, during the meal, essential furnishings, lighting, music. For each dish you can think of erotic, exciting name. And if the dish is to add a smile, gentle touch and erotic hint - the result will not keep itself waiting. I would like to offer You a few tips that will help to achieve the desired result. Firstly, erotic best dishes to cook, covered, over low heat, in their own juice or with the addition of a small amount of water. The best foods to cook in vegetable "pillow" that is on the bottom of the dish put a layer of various vegetables, sliced into strips or slices. On such a "cushion" put a layer of meat or fish, and then put a layer of vegetables. Laid so dish pour hot salt water and cook without stirring. Secondly, we should strive to eat less meat and bone broths, saturated with harmful substances that contribute to the development of various diseases. It is better to cut the meat in small pieces and preparing the soup, and boil it together with the vegetables. Thirdly, the maximum value of the product is maintained during cooking method for heating and processing. So proteins are not destroyed, not emuleret fats. In the method of "pulsating heat the product should be heated to 100 degrees, and then tightly cover the pot with a lid and simmer until tender. Fourth, the porridge will be unbelievable if you mix 5-6 grains and cook them at the same time on the plant "pillow". In this case, the body will get a lot of nutrients, and taste of food will only improve. And one more thing. Erotic table should be beautiful, but hungry, so as not to overeat. Meals begin and end raw vegetables, herbs, spices, aromatic infusions. Source:.

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